Privateer Press Reveals Organized Play for Monsterpocalypse

Privateer Press Reveals Organized Play for Monsterpocalypse

June 27, 2018 Off By Dan

In their latest Privateer Insider, Will Hungerford outlined one of the two supported methods of organized play for their upcoming remake of Monsterpocalypse:

…when Monsterpocalypse drops this fall, there will be two different OP formats launching with it. First is Crush Hour, the official tournament format. In Crush Hour, you can run any size event you like, as determined by the event organizer. Looking for a quicker event? Then run a one-monster tournament. Looking for a standard sized throwdown? Run a two-monster tournament. Do you want to run an absolute slobberknocker mega-event…three monsters is the way to go.

Crush Hour runs a lot like Steamroller in terms of round pairings and timing, including the use of Deathclock. However, there are no scenarios like you would see in Steamroller. No, in Monsterpocalypse, the only path to victory is by annihilating your opponent’s giant monsters.

Each Crush Hour prize kit comes with foil stat cards for the top placing players as well as for random participants. Additionally, the first-place player in each event will win a special resin alt-sculpt building for use in their city. And because you can use multiples of the same building type in Monsterpocalypse, that means winning first place in Crush Hour will give you a prize that only gets better the more of it that you acquire!

Sloberknocker is a fun word. The post goes on to list the first set of organized play prizes that will be available for players, as well as a YouTube video for the Lock & Load GameFest 2018 Keynote, with more information for the upcoming game.


Link: Monsterpocalypse Organized Play Preview