Review: Gaslands Accessory Bundle

Review: Gaslands Accessory Bundle

June 27, 2018 Off By Dan

I love Gaslands. In fact, most of the people that I know who play Gaslands, love Gaslands. And what’s not to love? The models are cheap and abundant. The opportunities for customizing are limited only by your imagination. The rules are face paced, accessible, and just plain fun. It’s no wonder that Gaslands won the 2018 UKGamesExpo award for Best Miniatures Rules.

So what about the official accessories for the game? Are they also winners? Do they add to the experience of the game, without distracting from the frantic carnage of Matchbox cars with rocket launchers? To find out, I bought my own set of official accessories in the aptly named Gaslands: Accessory Bundle, from the game’s creator’s own Ebay store.

What I Ordered

The price tag for getting these from the author of the game come in at about $63 US after taxes and shipping. What do you get in the bundle?

      • Handsome laser-cut perspex manuever templates for Gaslands, in attractive semi-transparent smoke grey.
      • Set of five high-quality 16mm moulded skid dice.
      • Set of tokens: 25 Hazard tokens, 10 Ammo tokens, 10 Audience Vote tokens and 1 Pole Position token. All in hard-wearing laser-cut perspex for gaming long after the apocalypse.
      • Rules for Gaslands: Wipeout (a fast-play dice game).

What Arrived

The order made it’s way to Seattle, WA from the UK in about a week and a half. What arrived was a soft sided mailer, with all the tokens, the manuever templates, and the skid dice. Curiously absent was the rules for Gaslands: Wipeout. Instead, there was a sheet of crumpled paper (no doubt damaged in transit) that had the points costs (in cans) for the various vehicles and weapons used in Gaslands.

I’ll reach out to the author, Mike Hutchinson, later this week to see if I can’t get my hands on the missing rules. But for now, I want to focus on what was included.

The Manuever Templates

The templates are perfect for Gaslands. Made of laser-cut perspex, they’re durable, lightweight, and seemingly impossible to break. The smoke grey color gives them a sooty look, appropriate for a game about vehicular mayhem. They match in size and scale with the downloadable templates from Osprey that you can print and cut out yourself. Playing on a dark surface may make it hard to see the exact template you want, so I’d recommend keeping them on a light colored surface during your games for easy access. You don’t want to accidentally grab the wrong manuever template in Gaslands, because then who knows what will happen to your little WIP.

The Tokens

The tokens are… nice. There’s not a lot to say about them. I use different color dice mostly for the hazard tokens. The ammo tokens and audience vote tokens are useful, but they’re small and I tend to knock them about as I play the game (referencing information on my different vehicle dashboards, changing gears, marking off hits, etc). If you’re not careful, you’ll end up looking at your piles of tokens and dashboards in the middle of turn 2, and wonder who had what. I’d recommend a small container to keep each vehicle’s tokens in. The tokens are unique enough that you’ll know at a glance which is which between ammo and hazards, and the like. But keeping them separate from each other vehicle can be the difference between knowing when to push it, and accidentally flipping your car.

The Shift Dice

The best part of the bundle, in my opinion. The shift dice are attractive, easy to read at a distance, well weighted, and have a good feel to them. The text is not printed on the dice, but engraved into each side, so there’s no chance of wearing down a decal and not knowing what side is face up. These dice are perfect for Gaslands, and could only be made better if they were casino dice, the godking of dice.

Final Verdict

While all useful components, I think the only necessary parts here are the dice and the templates. And there’s not enough of the templates, to be frank. In the games I play at my FLGS, Heroic Knight Games, someone’s always throwing down an oil spill or smoke cloud. So really, I need three or four of the ‘large template’ template, instead of the one it comes with. Those templates are supposed to remain in play, so when you put one down, it lives there until the end of the game. Not great when you only have the one.

Given the price tag and what you get, I’d say it’s not the best use of money. However, Gaslands is a super fun game, and I’m happy that my accessories purchase went right to the game’s author. The game is a blast so if I just think of this purchase as a tip of sorts to the creator, well then I can definitely work up the mental gymnastics necessary to be content with spending the cash.


Editor’s note:

At the time of publishing this article, the official Gaslands: Accessory Bundle is not available for purchase, however on the Gaslands website there’s a list of manufacturers (called ‘Friends of Gaslands’) who make similar accessories for the game. It’s unknown if more of the official bundles will be offered for sale in the future.