Games Workshop Announces… Warhammer 40k Monopoly?

Games Workshop Announces… Warhammer 40k Monopoly?

June 29, 2018 Off By Dan

So… Huh. Games Workshop has a very interesting way of handling the licenses for their properties in the video game space. As I understand it, you can approach the company with your idea, and if they like it, you can have the license. But that’s video games. So where does the 40k Monopoly board game come into that equation? I have no idea.

That’s right, a Warhammer 40,000 edition of Monopoly is on the way!

Monopoly is, of course, the no-holds-barred game of property ownership – a game filled with ruthless ambition, conquest and treachery – what could be more Warhammer 40,000 than that? It just needed a few tweaks: set it in space, add a generous helping of skulls and you’re good to pass go.

The game itself will be recognisable as the classic Monopoly format, but with the narrative look and feel of the 41st Millennium.

The idea of playing a game where you purchase planets as a member of a noble family or guild master in the 40k universe sounds really fun to me. But the announcement said it’s just straight up Monopoly, with a 40k look and feel. So… Huh.

Link: Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect 500 Souls