The Weekender 6/30: Games Workshop Rules

The Weekender 6/30: Games Workshop Rules

June 30, 2018 Off By Dan

Welcome to The Weekender. This is the first in a series of weekly posts (usually on a Saturday, sometimes on a Sunday) where I get to freestyle a little about the last week. What was good, what was bad, what was notable. This week it’s all about Games Workshop.

New Edition Launch for Age of Sigmar

It’s launch day for Game Workshop’s new edition of Age of Sigmar, and there are goodies aplenty for this launch. New boxed sets, new rulebooks, new accessories, new models for magical spells. There’s been an all out blitz of content put together by the good folks in Nottingham.

There’s Rules, How to Play Videos, Assembly Videos, Painting Videos, FAQs, Rules for Forge World Models, and a 24 hour Stream on Twitch… and that’s just the free content. If you want Age of Sigmar, GW has it for you today! I’m picking up a copy in about an hour after publication from my favorite FLGS, Heroic Knight Games.

Expanding the Demographic: Age of Sigmar is Everyone’s War

Look at the cover for the new Age of Sigmar core rulebook. What do you notice?

Image result for age of sigmar 2nd edition rulebook cover

There’s a powerful woman on the cover! This is terrific news. Standing there, hammer in hand, shield at the ready. Unafraid and ready for war. This is no princess needing rescue.  She’s a terrifying warrior who fell from the sky with the crash of thunder. This new edition of Age of Sigmar looks to take the lead in terms of gender inclusiveness for the models.

The body types present in the Stormcast Eternals from the new starter set seem to cover a whole heroic range of powerful shapes and appropriate poses for the battlefield. I could get into the importance of expanding the demographic beyond straight white males between 18 and 34 for the continued success of tabletop wargaming as a hobby. And I will. But I’ll save that for posts in the future.

New Sculpts

The new Nighthaunt models look incredible. Seriously, how do you even do this with plastic?!

Plastic, but painted like translucent cloth on bone.

But we’ve seen those sculpts for a few weeks. No, the other exciting miniatures related news from Games Workshop this week was an accident. Earlier this week, some eagle eyed fan noticed some new, unannounced Genestealer miniatures on display in the Warhammer World Exhibition hall. They snapped a quick picture, threw it online, and the internet swooned. Old GW would have sent a C&D to the fan. But new GW? They understand how the internet works, and made a self-effacing video of the events that lead to the leak. Of course Duncan is involved:

Like I said earlier, it’s a great time to be a Games Workshop fan. Looking forward to more great weekends like this one. Until next time, have a great weekend and remember to get a game in.