Ninja Division Announces New Games Workshop Licensed Game: Doomseeker

Ninja Division Announces New Games Workshop Licensed Game: Doomseeker

July 3, 2018 Off By Dan

I was just talking about how Games Workshop’s new approach to board game licensing is akin to throwing spaghetti at the wall, and seeing what sticks. So here’s a new lob of pasta from their news site:

Ninja Division is excited to announce that the Doomseeker card game will be launching at Gencon 2018! 

If you can’t make it to Gencon, don’t worry. Doomseeker is launching simultaneously at your favorite hobby retailers and online through the Ninja Division store.

Doomseeker Card GameNinja Division Publishing, in cooperation with Games Workshop, Doomseeker gives from two to four players a fast, fun, and furious battle against terrible creatures from the Warhammer world. Your mission? To find a glorious death at the hands of your foes, and regain your heroes honor.

Licensed by Games Workshop and written by veteran game designer David Freeman, Doomseeker gives players a bloody mission of havoc, seeking their end as one of characterful eight Dwarf Slayers. Complete with card drafting mechanics, strategy, and a lucky roll of the dice, players will choose their foes and stack the odds in their favor to add more notches to their axe before joining their ancestors. ‘Fans of Warhammer® will get to return again and again to the Old World with Doomseeker!

Though fast to learn, Doomseeker has layers of strategy built atop your heroes’ simply trying to be the first one in the ground. Glory is earned through careful selection of enemies, discerning selection of treasure and weapons to bring on your quest, and paying attention to your fates and grudges, multiplying your glory and aiding you in battle. Should a beast or foe so terrible see you laid low, your path can bring you to victory in a number of different ways.

Suicidal murder dwarves? It’s the old world that was all over again. Can’t wait!

Link: Ninja Division News