Solar City: A Solarpunk Game Funded on Kickstarter

Solar City: A Solarpunk Game Funded on Kickstarter

July 9, 2018 Off By Dan

Games Factory, the Polish publisher of games like Star Realms, Project Gaia and Kingdomino, have just seen their own game Solar City funded on Kickstarter for $67,929 US. From the kickstarter:

Solar City is a solarpunk board game with a unique Build and Block mechanics, designed by Marcin Ropka & Viola Kijowska, authors of widely acknowledged in 2017 Alien Artifacts.

Lead the Solar Revolution – become an architect, biologist, designer or scientist of the future and transform the old city landscape into a solar eco garden. Introduce improvements that will heal the damaged ecosystem of our planet and save the Earth from an oncoming catastrophe! 

Game designers so good, they’re widely acknowledged! Solar City does look like an interesting concept, and I really like the  ‘let’s fix the world’ style of game. I’ll have to check it out when it hits shelves in October.

Link: Solar City: A Solarpunk Game