DUST 1947 and Miniature Market Kiss and Make Up

DUST 1947 and Miniature Market Kiss and Make Up

July 11, 2018 Off By Dan

Paolo Parente, maker of the game that wouldn’t die, DUST, has made peace with large online game retailer, Miniature Market. This comes after DUST distanced itself from Miniatures Market due to their practice of discounting product to what the company felt was an unacceptable margin. The renewed agreement between the two companies was announced in a Miniature Market newsletter titled Old Alliances were broken, but new ones were formed… 

One eagle-eyed fan caught the newsletter and reported the posting on the official DUST Facebook page. To which came this response from DUST US Director Alicia Boisbelaud:

Miniature Market has reached an agreement with us with the full consent of Dust Studio and we are very happy that they will be carrying our products to make it more accessible around the United States. We are also very happy for the fact that they are opening a brick and mortar store and cannot wait to visit it;)

So it looks like we can buy more DUST from Miniatures Market. Which is good for me, because I have an addiction to 28mm heroic scale plastic gorillas.


Link: Miniature Market DUST store page