Fantasy Flight Drops A Payload of X-Wing Second Edition Info

Fantasy Flight Drops A Payload of X-Wing Second Edition Info

July 11, 2018 Off By Dan

With a limited number of copies available at Gen Con in a few weeks, Fantasy Flight’s news site has a plethora of information for players looking to get into the game as soon as possible, including links to their second edition quick start rules and rulebook. From the site:

The Rebels and Imperials of X-Wing™ Second Edition are fast approaching their initial engagement—and there’s still time for you to be a part of the action!

The fast-paced game of thrilling starfighter battles in the Star Wars galaxy, X-Wing Second Edition takes everything you’ve loved (or heard about) from first edition and makes it better. There’s a stronger focus on flying, your actions are more important, your faction feels more tightly themed, and you can now—if you choose—reach out and use the Force!

Can you sense it? The Quickstart Rules (pdf, 1.1 MB) and Rulebook (pdf, 4.0 MB) are now online, and this hotly anticipated game is now just weeks away from its first appearance. We will have a limited number of copies for sale at Gen Con Indy 2018, and you can be sure you get your copy of the Core Set, as well as one of your faction’s Wave I starship expansions, by taking part in the X-Wing Second Edition Preview Tournament!

Link: The Space Battles Begin