The Weekender: Racing and Retail Therapy

The Weekender: Racing and Retail Therapy

July 15, 2018 Off By Dan
Welcome to The Weekender, where we freestyle a little about what was good, what was bad, or what was notable about last week. This time, we continue our love for Gaslands and spend a little dosh.

Yesterday I was invited to a game day that happens once a month or so, and I managed to get a few games of Gaslands in with an acquaintance who works for Privateer Press. We played the Death Race scenario, but with a few excellent changes.

As show above the article, the race path was setup in a snaking configuration, instead of the standard figure 8. I don’t know why it never dawned on me to do different configurations for Death Race. Finding this out I was instantly overcome with a desire to create post-apocalyptic takes on my favorite MarioKart maps.

The other excellent change moving the starting point about a foot back from the first gate. When you pass the first gate, your vehicle’s weapons activate. In the official figure 8 map, the first gate is all the way on the other side of the table. So the game drags on (as much as a fast game like Gaslands can drag on) for the first 5 or so turns, with everyone politely driving to the first gate so we can get into the action. But by setting the starting line just a foot or so from the 1st gate, BAM! Combat begins on turn 2 or 3. It’s terrific. and these two changes make Death Race my favorite scenario for the game now.

My opponent and I played two Death Races yesterday, knocking them both out in about 3 hours. I won the first, with rockets flying, before we passed the 3rd gate. However the second game, which I lost, saw something I’d never seen before:

A car actually finishes the race!

My opponent actually finished the race! It was our 4th turn, 3rd gear phase. My last car had just recovered from spinning out, and was neck and neck with my opponent’s last car still in the race (He had another car noodling around, trying to get back in, but it wasn’t a going concern). We were right in front of the last gate before the final turn to the finish line. I had Mishkin as my sponsor, and a Thumper equipped on my performance car. My thumper was expended, and my opponent’s car only had 2 hit points left. It was decision time.

I decided to take a handgun shot at the car, because my last handgun shot had scored 2 hits. I also decided not to gear up to 4th gear, even though his was a buggy that could go up to 6th gear, and it would recharge my Thumper. But most importantly (so I thought) I needed to stay in gear 3 to survive the turn to the final straight away.

I shoot. I miss. Begin gear phase 4. My opponent makes the turn, gears up to 5. He makes the straight, avoids the obstacle, and gears up to 6th. And in 6th, he cruises right through the finish line, as the image to the left shows.

An incredible game!

After wrapping it up at our game day, I decided to get in some retail therapy over at Heroic Knight Games, with a few treasures in mind.

White Dwarf July 2018First off is the new White Dwarf. I’ve bought every White Dwarf since last November when they started including exclusive Warhammer Quest content. And all the White Dwarfs I’ve gotten so far have had value to them. Necromunda rules, complete standalone games, great articles and interviews.


And then comes White Dwarf July 2018. I’m not really feeling this one. It focuses once again on the new edition of Age of Sigmar, and keeps it locked on the new Stormcast chamber as well as the Nighthaunts. But… What was left to say from the last one? From the increasingly relevant page? It seemed like there was really nothing to this one. A filler issue, as it where. But then!


The iron ravens are a space marine chapter with mostly silvery armor, and blue shoulder padsIt’s a whole interview, with Studio Painter Paul Norton, the creator of the Iron Ravens! I’ve based my own Silver Griffons Chapter off of his paint scheme (with mephiston red swapped out for the blue) off of the Iron Ravens. So seeing them in White Dwarf, with a focus on them specifically for a few pages, was worth the $9 US. Or maybe I’m just telling myself that. Regardless, July’s White Dwarf did it’s most important job, which was to make me look forward to August’s White Dwarf.

From the little bits of leaks I find here and there, it’s pretty apparent that August’s White Dwarf will focus on Kill Team, which is available for pre-order on July 21st, and you can pick up at your FLGS on the 28th. A full week later, will be when August’s White Dwarf comes out. And it has to have some goodies for the game. It has to! If I were any more excited for Kill Team, I’d be a danger to myself and others.

Speaking of Kill Team, while I was at Heroic Knight Games, I went and picked up some Genestealer models.

three boxes of genestealers, on my greencutting mat, ready to be assembled. 5 models already assembled. They are creepy looking, and I love them.

I want to have one of everything that you can use for the Genestealers in Kill Team, so I when I saw them on the shelf, I just knew I had to pick them up before someone else did. So far, I’ve assembled 5 Acolyte Hybrids, 3 with heavy weapon options. I don’t think it’ll be legal to use all 3 of those in a single game, but if it is… m=Man am I ready!

Next up, I picked up some new Warmachine minis.

manowar boxesI was hoping to get my hands on the new Crucible Guard army box, but it wasn’t in store. I decided instead to grab some of the new Man-O-War models that also recently came out. I mentioned earlier that my Gaslands opponent at the game day was a Privateer Press employee. He had nothing but praise for their new resin models. Easy to assemble, minimal mold lines, they won’t melt in sunlight (any more, haha), and great detail. I figured I’d put his words to the test. So far, he’s not wrong! I’ll have a more indepth review of these minis next week. But for now, I’ll say that it looks promising.

4 pre-release boxes of Magic 2019 Core Set

Finally, I had to get my hands on some new Magic cards. The 2019 Core Set is out, and they had a few extra pre-release boxes for sale at Heroic Knight Games. So I grabbed them for a friendly draft that I’ve got scheduled for next Friday. Can’t wait to bust these out and see the promos!


That’s all for now. Until next time, have a great weekend and remember to get a game in.