Fantasy Flight Talks TIE Fighters in X-Wing Second Edition

Fantasy Flight Talks TIE Fighters in X-Wing Second Edition

July 16, 2018 Off By Dan

Fantasy Flight has a post on their news page all about the Ford Pinto of the Star Wars universe, the TIE Fighter. It’s not just a love letter to the ship, it also talks about some of the products they’ll have available soon for X-Wing, Second Edition. From the article:

As a light and highly maneuverable ship, the TIE/ln fighter naturally attracts some of the most daring pilots in the Imperial Navy and the TIE/ln Fighter Expansion Pack includes pilots with a wide range of skills to contribute to your squadron. Some, like “Howlrunner”  play to the TIE’s natural tendency to fly in tight groups. A born leader, she makes all the pilots around her better, letting them reroll one of their attack dice while they perform a primary attack.

If you’re new to X-Wing, the TIE Fighter Expansion Pack comes with a pre-painted mini, and ship cards featuring unique pilots, upgrade cards, a maneuver dial, and the tokens you need for a single fighter. If you’ve already got the all the TIE fighters you need, you can instead pick up the Galactic Empire Conversion Kit, which has the same cardboard in it, just without the mini.

I’m a Dash Rendar fan myself, so I’ll hold out for the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit.

Link: Space Superiority