A New King (Crab) Is Chosen for IELLO’s King of Tokyo

A New King (Crab) Is Chosen for IELLO’s King of Tokyo

July 19, 2018 Off By Dan

IELLO had a competition over on BoardGameGeek.com for the community to come together and choose the newest monster to appear in the game. They (rightly) chose CRABOMINATION:

Creature Type: Crab
Disposition: Angry, bothered, destructive
Features: Wrecking ball-like giant claw that crushes as well as it snaps skyscrapers in half

Bio: This angry, nasty crustacean was lurking peacefully in the depths of the Sea of Japan as the great beasts of Tokyo were battling it out for dry land supremacy. However, the constant thumping of fists and feet has driven the red monster to insanity, causing it to hit the shore to lay waste to every monstrous giant that gets in his way! Don’t let his oddball sideways skitter confuse you… that crab is mad and his claw will hurt!

Congrats to creator Bryan McNeely on getting a new critter added to my favorite Richard Garfield game.

Link: IELLO “Create a King of Tokyo Monster” Contest! The Champion is crowned!