Fantasy Flight Offers X-Wing 2nd Edition Printable Card Lists

Fantasy Flight Offers X-Wing 2nd Edition Printable Card Lists

July 27, 2018 Off By Dan

X-Wing 2nd edition is a less than a week away (if you’re going to Gen Con). To get you pumped to catch ’em all when it comes to the cards for the game, Fantasy Flight has released downloadable (and printable) lists of cards and associated points costs. These are specifically for cards that had previous iterations in the 1st edition of the game. From the news post:

Find out how you can fit your favorite pilots and upgrades into your own custom squadrons by downloading the Rebel Alliance points list (pdf, 369 KB), the Galactic Empire points list (pdf, 359 KB), the Scum and Villainy points list(pdf, 389 KB), and the generic upgrades points list (pdf, 353 KB) today! Other rules documents and support materialsfor X-Wing Second Edition can be found on ourX-Wing Second Edition page.

From the post, they make it clear that the points costs may change, as the game evolves. Which is a good indicator that they plan on supporting the game beyond the pending sale of parent company Asmodee at the end of the year.

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