Mantic Details ‘Mantic Night’ Events at Gen Con

Mantic Details ‘Mantic Night’ Events at Gen Con

July 30, 2018 Off By Dan

Gen Con, the largest convention in the US for tabletop gaming, is this weekend. It can be hard to get a game in or chat with your favorite developers when you’re just one in thousands in a large convention center. Mantic’s got a solution, if you’re a fan of their games, with their annual ‘Mantic Night’. Mantic Night will be held on the 4th of August at the Hard Rock Cafe from 7 until “They kick us out”.

It’s $30 US to get into Mantic Night, but you’ll get a goody bag that exceeds the value of the ticket just for showing up. The goody bag includes:

  • a GCPS Hornet that can be used in Warpath or makes an awesome piece of terrain for your Deadzone boards. That’s $44.99 on its own (if you’ve already bought a ticket, there was the option to choose your free vehicle, so don’t worry)
  • surprise gifts from Ironheart Artisans and Outrider Hobbies. What could they be? You’ll have to attend to find out
  • Corporation Minions for your GCPS or Mazon Labs Deadzone Strike Teams
  • FREE BOOZE… or a soft drink… but mainly FREE BOOZE

While you’re there you can try out their new Hellboy game, play a Negan centric The Walking Dead board game, and some exclusive games that can only be played at Mantic Night. There’s also a Q&A with Ronnie Renton in case you have any burning questions that you want to ask him after you’ve both been drinking.

Link: Countdown to Gen Con – What is Mantic Night?