BBC News: “Games Workshop Annual Report Sees Profits Nearly Double”

BBC News: “Games Workshop Annual Report Sees Profits Nearly Double”

July 31, 2018 Off By Dan

Life is good in Nottingham! Industry sweetheart Games Workshop is seeing financial success that reflect the other successes that we’ve seen them achieve in the last year. From the return of Blood Bowl and Kill Team, to the successfull releases of Warhammer 40k 8th Edition and Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition, they’re just killing it. From the article:

The company, which owns the Warhammer franchise but produces dozens of different games, saw pre-tax profits reach £74.5m, up from £38.4m.

Its annual report also confirmed a surge in revenue from £158m to nearly £220m.

Last month staff at the Nottingham-based group shared a £5m bonus in anticipation of the results.

The company’s shares have risen by nearly 150% in a year as it continues to bounce back from a difficult period when sales faltered.

The firm makes 75% of its revenues overseas, and has benefited from the weak pound.

At the bottom of the article, there’s this interesting little afterthought:

The business is now planning to expand its manufacturing base so it can produce more figures.

Whether that means that we’ll see cheaper minis, that we’ll see more minis, or that more folks in places currently unable to get minis will get them, or some combination of the three, only time will tell.

Link: Games Workshop annual report sees profits nearly double