Fantasy Flight Announces Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

Fantasy Flight Announces Arkham Horror 3rd Edition

August 2, 2018 Off By Dan

Last night at Gen Con, Fantasy Flight announced a new edition of their classic game Arkham Horror. The game mechanics are similar, however the board and other components are very different. The character art for the game also appears to have more diversity than previous editions of the game, which is a welcome sight.

While the turn and action resolution mechanics seem similar, there are other important differences beyond the cards and tokens. For starters, you don’t start knowing the end game scenario any more! From their announcement:

It’s not simply a matter of closing gates to other worlds and hoping that the problem goes away. At the start of the game, the exact goals of your scenario are a mystery to investigators and players alike. As a scenario progresses, archive cards are added to a codex that sits above the board. Each of these cards advances the narrative and offers new objectives for the investigators to strive for, with victory eventually in sight. Finding clues may lead to favorable new archive cards, while the spread of doom may reveal cards that were best left unearthed. Ultimately, the choices that you make and the specific events of each scenario lead you down branching paths, encouraging you to explore the scenarios and determine the best way to achieve your unique goals!

There’s also a new cup that you pull mythos out of, like an evil bowl of chex mix! From the Arkham Horror online store page:

The Mythos Cup is an integral part of the game, changing the face of Arkham by summoning doom and monsters to hunt your investigators, but also spawning new clues, beacons of hope for your investigators to find and advance the narrative. Various tokens are placed in the Mythos Cup at the start of a scenario, as dictated by that scenario’s specific rules. At the end of each round, each player will pull two tokens from the cup and follow their directions, changing your fortunes and unleashing terrible new blights on the city of Arkham.

Once the shadow of the Mythos Phase has passed, the investigators are free to investigate during the Action Phase once again, if they are still standing. With every passing turn, Arkham and your investigators shift and change. As the eternal darkness begins to eat away at their soul, will they have the fortitude to continue their journey?

Sounds like a spooky good time. Can’t wait! Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the new edition costs $64.95 US and it will be available in Q4 2018.