It’s the Weekender! Check Us Out on Social Media

It’s the Weekender! Check Us Out on Social Media

August 12, 2018 Off By Dan
Welcome to The Weekender, where we freestyle a little about what was good, what was bad, or what was notable about last week.

It’s a nice quiet weekend for us here at A nice change of pace from Gen Con just last weekend. But it’s a good opportunity to share links to our social media accounts, and talk about what we use them for!


Our Twitter feed is our go-to for larger interactions with the tabletop gaming community as a whole.


Our Facebook page is where we allow comments on our posts. If you find an article that you want to talk about, or leave a comment on, you can do it on our Facebook page.


Here you can find photos of things we’re working on in the studio. Photos of our favorite games, miniatures we’re unboxing, armies we’re painting, games of Magic: The Gathering we’re losing. Etcetera.


Our brand new Twitch channel is where we’ll do live broadcasts to show off new and exciting products that we get to review, do live-play games, and more.


Our Youtube channel is where we’ll keep our higher production videos.

That’s all for now. Until next time, we hope you’ve had a great weekend and remember to get a game in.