Cool and Aloof, the Asterians Are Deadzone’s Space Elves With a Twist

Cool and Aloof, the Asterians Are Deadzone’s Space Elves With a Twist

August 13, 2018 Off By Dan

Mantic has a Summer Campaign book coming out for their fun skirmish game, Deadzone. Bringing up the rear on the list of traditional fantasy races dropped into a Sci-Fi setting, the Asterians are Mantic’s space elves. Masters of melee and ranged combat alike but with relatively little in the way health and armor, they’re your glass canon faction. Though in fiction, there’s a fun solution to a race as long-lived and afraid of death as elves tend to be. 1:1 scale drones that are piloted remotely from orbit by warriors who can deliver 100% lethality without fearing for their own death in the balance:

The Asterians venerate the pursuit of universal balance above all else, their very society based around this concept. Their disdain of warfare and violence has led to the development of technology which allows their finest warriors to fight on the battlefield without physical risk, piloting sophisticated remote drones from orbit known as Cyphers which are as nimble and capable as a living being, with the added bonuses of far superior speed, strength and endurance. It was the Asterians who first warned humanity of the dangers posed by the Death Arc and tried to deter them from disturbing what lay there. That humanity ignored these warnings was disappointing, if unsurprising.

If space elves are your thing, or if you’re like me and you like painting up robots, then the Asterians are your in for Deadzone.