Opsrey Games Releases Second Free Gaslands Supplemental PDF

Opsrey Games Releases Second Free Gaslands Supplemental PDF

August 13, 2018 Off By Dan

Gaslands is currently my favorite miniatures game, with Dragon Rampant being a close second. One of the best things about Gaslands is that game designer Mike Hutchinson and publisher Osprey Games have continued to release free PDF supplements for the game, aptly titled Time Extended. The first Time Extended, Savage Highways, focused on War Rigs and new scenarios. Late last week, Mike released a new Time Extended with what may be the craziest cover I’ve ever seen in a war game, seen above. This issue, titled Stina’s Stockpile, has a piratical theme along with a new sponsor for the game: Scarlet Anne!

Gaslands is able to support a vast ecosystem of villainous and scurvy raiders,
picking off richer teams as their rigs roll from one televised race to the next. Many of
these self-styled pirate crews have gained renown, but none have rivalled the infamy or
showmanship of Scarlett Annie. A dashing and flamboyant buccaneer, her cult following
is likely more to do with her canny association with the long-running “Death Valley Death
Run” documentary TV series than any particular skill at dust bowl piracy.

There are also new rules for new weapons, new upgrades, new scenarios… and more. All of it free! I’m very excited to work these goodies into my next game.

Link: Gaslands: Time Extended – Issue 2: Stina’s Stockpile