Forge Fathers Featured in Faction Focus for Feadzone. Deadzone. Sorry.

Forge Fathers Featured in Faction Focus for Feadzone. Deadzone. Sorry.

August 15, 2018 Off By Dan

Mantic has a Summer Campaign book coming out for their fun skirmish game, Deadzone. The Warpath universe has many factions, races, and beings all up in the mix. The forge fathers are dwarves in space, and their take is refreshingly familiar, taking the concepts of ‘Dwarf’ and ‘Space’ and mixing them together as any one would imagine them to be. The phrase “Exactly What It Says on the Tin” comes to mind:

The sturdy folk of the Star Realm, a collection of systems coreward of the GCPS, are known in Galactic Standard as Forge Fathers – a rather prosaic translation of their native tongue, though not one to which they seem to object.

Short in stature and powerfully built, the people of the Star Realm are best known for their technological aptitude, which far surpasses that of the finest human engineers and is the rival of any other race thus far encountered. Split into various clans located throughout the Star Realm, the Forge Fathers are generally peaceable, preferring trade to war. Indeed, it is from their workshops that many of the finest weapons, armour and other tech used by the GCPS is obtained.

The accessible nature of Mantic’s SciFi universe is one of it’s strengths. You as the player can put your own spin on your faction without a need to adhere to a larger narrative. So if you’re looking for a hearty race of stumpy fellows with power armor and an interest in beard oils, then check them out.