Deadzone Faction Focus Reveals the horrors of The Plague

Deadzone Faction Focus Reveals the horrors of The Plague

August 15, 2018 Off By Dan

Mantic has a Summer Campaign book coming out for their fun skirmish game, Deadzone. There’s a sickness that spreads across species and star system alike. It’s not a matter of if the Plague will find you, but when.

Wherever it comes from, the Plague seems able to mutate and adapt to new hosts at a remarkable rate. Infected creatures exhibit symptoms within an extremely short space of time, though the exact manifestation of symptoms varies for reasons not entirely clear. Some humans infected by Plague become hideous monsters the size of a combat walker. These beasts seem to act as the control hub of Plague forces, directing lesser creatures which range from razor taloned, leaping hunters to simple, slow moving drones which seem to retain some sense of their former identity and may even be seen operating machinery, weapons and vehicles. In spite of the best efforts of the Council and the Enforcers, every instance of Plague infestation to date has ended in massive losses. The effort to study and understand it continues, but for now, extreme measures like Containment Protocol are the only available response.

The Plague is a horde based army, with a number of ‘warm’ bodies to take bullets as you position your more capable figures to take objectives and deliver their virulent payloads on their hapless foes. This all encompassing, all consuming plague is sweeping through the Galaxy. Will you fight it, or fight for it?