The Weekender: Warhammer Fest Europe Announcements and Teasers

The Weekender: Warhammer Fest Europe Announcements and Teasers

August 18, 2018 Off By Dan

Welcome to The Weekender, where we freestyle a little about what was good, what was bad, or what was notable about last week. This weekend, Dan’s on about the Warhammer Fest Europe announcements.

One of these years, I need to get out to Warhammer Fest Europe. They’ve got as many annoucements coming out of there this weekend as they did at Adepticon! What announcements you ask?

  • Information on The Buried Dagger, the last novel in the Horus Heresy series.
  • Images of the new Blood Angels HH models from Forgeworld.
  • Adeptus Titanicus information, including photos of the Warhound and resin battleboards for the game.
  • Necromunda Cawdor resin upgrades and a resin executioner.
  • New kill team starter sets.
  • Warhammer Undergrounds: Nightvault teaser.
  • New Age of Sigmar endless spell.
  • New images and videos for SPEED FREEKS and Orktober.
  • Space Marine Heroes are coming from Japan to the rest of the world!
  • A new Nurgle team for Blood Bowl is on it’s way.
  • A new hour long twice a month Warhammer 40,000 podcast is coming soon.
  • Images of the new Sisters of Battle weaponry.

There’s a ton of goodness to go check out. You can find all of this on their Warhammer Fest Europe Live Blog. That’s all the hype I can stand for now. I gotta go get in a game of Magic and pick up Adeptus Titanicus from Heroic Knight Games. Hope you’ve had a great weekend and remember to get a game in!