Kill Team: Rogue Trader – Set Course for Adventure

Kill Team: Rogue Trader – Set Course for Adventure

August 28, 2018 Off By Jess

When Games Workshop uses the term ‘Rogue Trader’ in the name of a product you can be certain things are going to be good. Calling on the spirit of Rick Priestley’s 1987 Warhammer 40,000 book of the same name ‘Kill Team: Rogue Trader’ looks set to deliver. Join me on a journey through the mists of time as we answer age old questions. What is a Rogue Trader, and why should I be squealing with delight?

What is a… erm back up a second…

Warhammer Fest Europe revealed a trailer featuring stunning artwork. If you haven’t seen it then click play on the video below, I’ll wait. If you have seen it then you will probably watch again.

Excited? So where did it all begin?


The Crimson Fists on Rogue Trader 1st Edition 40k

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

When Warhammer 40,000 was young the galaxy was a slightly different place. Custodes wore less, Marines smiled more, and Rogue Traders pushed the boundaries of known space. Great heroes sailing their fleets into the Eastern Fringe to settle worlds, meet aliens, and plunder resources. Seizing the freedom to make their own way; outside the reach of the Imperium. Everything a Games Master could want when creating imaginative new scenarios in the vast expanse.

Second Edition 40k heralded an age of battles and consolidated lore. The focus moved away from the eclectic mix of wargame and rpg. Rogue Traders were still a core concept albeit off table. It wasn’t until 2001 they would resurface. Then we saw Duke von Castellan at the side of Inquisitor Covenant.

What happened next?

Rogue Star by Andy Hoare (Part of the recently released Rogue Trader Omnibus) provided space swashbuckling in 2006. Then 2009 heralded the arrival of Fantasy Flight Games Rogue Trader RPG. A weighty tome serving as the new and definitive manual to these dashing heroes and their motley crews. Huge cuffs, collars as tall as your head and kilometres of baroque trim were the latest fashion. The galaxy was our oyster.

Cover of the Fantasy Flight games Rogue Trader RPG

To infinity and beyond

So the squealing with delight?

Games Workshop has a long history of great board games. Space Crusade, Hero Quest, Space Hulk and many more. A combination of structured gameplay and exciting narratives make these games you can pick up again and again. In Kill Team: Rogue Trader the beautiful boards offer a ready made playing area. Bulkheads, cogitator consoles, captain’s chair and other accessories offer chances for customisation and variety. Then there are the models themselves which combine a beautiful snapshot of Imperial life; alongside bizarre, Nurgle corrupted unfortunates.

A look inside the Rogue Trader book at the Kill Zone

Space ship!!!!

Toxic Masculinity in action













In recent years we have seen some boxed games more as a showcase for new models. Fun but perhaps unable to stand on their own merits and soon forgotten. Signs are Kill Team: Rogue Trader is just the start of something astounding. The trailer is a labour of love embracing humour (see the crew throwing a stick for the dog or Nurgling with sunglasses). The models offer the very best in sculpting and design. The Kill Team brand already has a supported release schedule. I have a feeling we may see more chapters in the story of Elucia Vhane.

Keep your eyes out for Kill Team: Rogue Trader this September.