Orktober Approaches

Orktober Approaches

September 4, 2018 Off By Jess

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Ork in possession of a good shoota, must be in want of a Waaaaaaaggggghhhhh!!!!!!’
– Jane Austen

Orktober is nearly upon us along with the 8th Edition Ork Codex. There has been a series of exciting new codices since the release of 8th Edition. Expectations are therefore high for the upcoming release. Not since it was introduced by the Emperor Orkgustus has an Orktober been so highly anticipated.


Deff Skwadron panel


Speed Freeks offers us the glories of Gorkamorka. Once more our buggies will charge across the desert for scrap and a scrap. Player screens and symbol dice hint at a random and unexpected gameplay elements similar perhaps to the recent ‘Gretchens’ racing game. Clear and concise stat cards can be seen in the game preview image as well as a new turn template.


Gorkamorka box image

Gorkamorka was great fun

How did we get here?

As a faction the Orks have been around since the very start; securing a spot in the hearts of many hobbyists. An integral part of their charm being how beautifully they encapsulate the British origin of the 41st Millenium. Celebrating ultraviolent traditions and pointless tribalism to engage in mindless warfare. Orks are happy beating down the lower classes, looting from alien cultures with reckless abandon, rampaging around the countryside and celebrating crude yet oddly effective engineering.


Art of warring orks in trukks

The simple life…


In the current meta, Games Workshop had their work cut out for them in making the Orks an effective force. Negative hit modifiers and a return of save modifiers left our Greenskin friends at a disadvantage. It appears that the upcoming Speed Freeks box game is the key to the new Ork philosophy with a new focus on getting stuck in as quickly as possible. The new Buggy kit and a new Warboss on Deffkilla Wartrike ready to ride eternal, shiny and Waaaaaggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Warboss on Deffkilla Trike

Da Boss iz ‘ere


What is left for those of us born to Orkdom in the hallowed times of Adrian Wood and Waaagh Grishnak? Those who trust in the weight of numbers over the grinding of gears? Fear not for the ‘Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!’ stratagem of Chapter Approved 2017 is returning as a universal special rule for all Ork units. Read that again. All unmodified hit rolls of six will hit regardless of sneaky eldar hiding. As if that wasn’t enough they also generate an additional roll to hit. Praise Mork (or Gork) and fill the air with lead and flame.


Iz dat it?


This alone would be cause to celebrate. However Games Workshop are planning an Orktober to rival all previous and future Orktobers. We have been told to expect new vehicles in the lead up to release.


A new Ork buggy model



Rules and models aren’t all we have to look forward to. The luckless planet of Vigilus suffering from both Space Wolf invasion and Genestealer infiltration is also the setting for the Speed Freeks game. Having battled for Konor with the first batch of Codex releases it appears Vigilus holds the new narrative focus. Three armies renown for their love of brutal melee clashing to decide the fate of a planet.


Space Hulk

Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go…


Finally in the words of Columbo; one more thing…