PAX West 2018: Magic Spotlight

PAX West 2018: Magic Spotlight

September 6, 2018 Off By Tifa

This last weekend was The Lady Planeswalkers Society‘s 6th time attending PAX West in some capacity. This year, the organization partnered with Planeswalkers for Diversity. The two groups focused on teaching attendees in the Diversity Lounge all about their mutual mission to increase inclusivity in Magic: The Gathering through building chapters around the world that welcome players of all skill levels, genders, races, ages, and abilities into the game in a friendly way. We focus on helping beginner players into the game, but also provide a stepping stone into tournament play. The Diversity Lounge had a crowd all 4 days and lots of people were interested in how they could be involved. Overall, it was very successful for the organizations’ continuing footprints in the gaming industry.

We even had Tamiyo’s infinite knowledge supporting our mission during the convention.

Wizards of the Coast was also there teaching Magic to new players all weekend long on the Skybridge. Magic players could take a shuttle to the famous Mox Boarding House to participate in tournaments all weekend long.

The annual Magic: The Gathering panel didn’t disappoint, giving us a feel for the 5 guilds that will be featured in this set. I couldn’t be more excited for Guild of Ravnica! Ravinca means so much to me that I have a Simic symbol permanently tattoed on my body. I am so excited to return to Ravnica again and even more so to introduce the 10 guilds to players who are new to the game since we last visited this relatable plane. Wizards of the Coast showed a lot of upcoming cards, products, and other awesome stuff, but I’ll be focusing on the cards and mechanics that stood out to me the most.









Wizards started off by showing the new Planeswalker card – Ral, Izzet Viceroy, who obviously represents Izzet. Ral ties into mechanics you would expect to find in an Izzet centered deck, playing with card advantage and giving you benefits for having lots of instants and sorcery cards in your deck.

Next, we got to meet Emmara, Soul of the Accord from Selesnya. Perfect for Commander, she builds an army of soldiers with Lifelink. I look forward to drafting around this card soon.

Dimir has a new mechanic revealed during the PAX panel, Surveil. This ability lets you look at a designated number of cards on the top of your library. You then get to decide if you want to keep those cards on top or put them into your graveyard. This is such a stealthy way to retrieve information and manipulate your fate and it fits into the secretive guild of Dimir.

We saw the Underrealm Lich in all his glory. Not only does this creature encapsulate the graveyard recursion that keeps Golgari alive but this triggered ability ties into the Golgari mechanic Undergrowth, which gives you a power bonus for creature cards in your graveyard.

Boros made a splash letting us know that there will be lots of Boros goblins in the upcoming set.

Lastly, it was announced that Shock Lands are coming back! So get ready to “pack one, pick one” some lands.

This weekend hyped me up to play in the Guilds of Ravnica prerelease coming soon!