Games Workshop Presents New Specialist Games Blog

Games Workshop Presents New Specialist Games Blog

September 12, 2018 Off By Dan

Author and Specialist Games manager, Andy Hoare, presents the first ever Specialist Games Blog on the warhammer-community site. The goal of these weekly blogs will be to pull back the curtain a bit on the goings on within the Specialist Games group at Games Workshop. This is a treat for me, as my favorite games from Nottingham tend to be from their Specialist Games group. Games like Blood Bowl, Necomunda, and Adeptus Titanicus are favorites around here.

Gone, but not forgotten, classics like Battlefleet Gothic, GorkaMorka, and Epic Warhammer 40,000 were also made by the Specialist Games group. Curiously, I also thought that the new Kill Team, Warhammer Underworlds, the Warhammer Quest boxed games, and the annually released Space Hulk were also Specialist Games. When you go to, Specialist Games aren’t a category you can choose, but there is Boxed Games. So how can you tell if a game is from the Specialist Games group?

That’s where Andy comes in, with his handy-dandy Venn diagram. From the article:

Before we get stuck into the series, however, I wanted to take this opportunity to address something that’s come up a lot since we set up the Specialist Games team in January 2016, and if you’ll indulge me as I get a bit nerdy, I’ll do so through the medium of a Venn diagram.* This most pressing of subjects is a simple issue, but one that’s vexed the greatest of minds since time immemorial, namely, when is a game a Specialist Game – and by extension, when is it a main range game?

He goes into greater detail there and it’s a good read, however the answer to the questions: “Is Space Hulk a Specialist Games game?” and “When can I buy adorable Terminators in the Adeptus Titanicus scale?” remain unanswered. Maybe we’ll find out in next week’s blog?

Link: What Makes it Special?