DailyMTG Gives Us Our Mission Briefing

DailyMTG Gives Us Our Mission Briefing

September 13, 2018 Off By Dan

Magic: The Gathering players are hyped for the new Guilds of Ravnica set coming out on October 5th. And it’s not hard to see why with cards like Assassin’s Trophy (arguably the best removal spell in the game) or the return of shock lands. But there are other cards in those boosters too, and we’re learning a little more about these cards as the pre-release approaches. Magic Designer, Gavin Verhey, has a new article in DailyMTG all about a new blue 2-drop, Mission Briefing:

If you like Snapcaster Mage and the kinds of options it gives you, have I got a Guilds of Ravnicapreview card for you.

Take a look at Mission Briefing:

Mission Briefing



This card is stellar. While you don’t get the 2/1 body—certainly a huge strength of Snapcaster is that extra creature body—the surveilling here is also far from flavor text. Keeping in mind you can even think about comparing it to one of the best blue cards ever in Snapcaster Mage . . . well, that’s pretty telling.

But why is that the case? What gives Mission Briefing the framework of a staple for spell-heavy blue decks?

Let’s dig into it.

Gavin goes on to explore the uses for Mission Briefing, comparing its mechanical functionality to classics like Essence Scatter and Negate. It’s no Snapcaster Mage, and Gavin himself calls that out in his article. The article is a flattering, if still honest assessment of the card from a designer. Give it a read!