Terrain Tutorial – Mausoleum part 2

Terrain Tutorial – Mausoleum part 2

September 18, 2018 Off By Jess

Welcome back to Making a Mausoleum part two! Hopefully you have spent the last week following part one and are ready for this. Probably y’all have been a bit busy. Fear not for by the power of the internet you can go back and follow the first tutorial at your leisure.

If you have been paying attention you will notice I added a doorway last week without talking you through it. I simply cut the main shape of the doorway from a layer of foam core board; then marked 1/2″ in and cut out the inside.


Rightio, Roofing!


slate made from card

Cutting mat grids are invaluable


You could cut and glue each tile individually (I have done this before, I regret it still) or… cut a 1/2″ wide strip from your cereal box card. Every 1/2″ chop almost to the end. Now you have a strip of tiles you can glue across the length of your roof. This technique scales up wonderfully for larger buildings. If you have time you could round the ends of the tiles for variety.


Lock and Key


A gate for the mausoleum

Simple security measures


How does one stop the dead rising and seeking vengeance upon the living? Until we figure that out our Mausoleum needs a gate. I chopped cocktail sticks about 1″ long and secured them to two strips of balsa wood the width of the doorway. Alternatively you can do this entirely with cereal box card to save resources.


Texture, texture, texture…


So wonderful they named it thrice. Texture is the magic wand of terrain making. Look around you, even smooth surfaces have pattern or grain. Light creates shadow on surfaces or reflects. Dirt and grime build up on your nicely painted walls because your daughter is 5 years old and always sticky or covered in mud. By adding texture to the terrain we fool the eye into perceiving it as more ‘real’ than it might otherwise be.


cobble effect on the terrain

Such texture <3


Here we see the mausoleum with tiles and iron bars. Cardboard from an egg box has been shredded and glued to the walls to create a stone effect. The uneven nature of the cardboard and irregular shape of the bits really bring the piece to life… death? If you don’t have egg boxes then soaking newspaper strips and pulping them to make a papier mache will also work wonders. Of course there are other options.


A more gothic mausoleum

Such Gothic


Using last weeks template as a base I went for a more Gothic look to this mausoleum. Balsa wood strips indicate a lead lined roof, buttresses from foam core complete the look. The whole thing was then painted over with textured acrylic paint to remove any flat surface. This will pick up the dry brushing in interesting ways later. I highly recommend Vallejo textured acrylic for this purpose.


Final flourishes


The final mausoleum

So spooky


It is time to add character. String was used to create vines; embellished with leaves cut from plain paper. Skulls were glued above the door. Using textured strips of foam core I inserted cocktail sticks to form railings.


Aaaannnd paint


I will cover painting in more detail at a later date. For now…