Get Ready for the MLB Postseason with Fantasy Fantasy Baseball

Get Ready for the MLB Postseason with Fantasy Fantasy Baseball

September 24, 2018 Off By Ruel

The snap of a hot dog’s casing. The taste of an ice cold beer. The sound of the bat as it connects squarely with the ball.

Nothing beats the sensory overload of a pleasant evening at the ballpark, watching the boys of summer as they play their way into the fall.

With the baseball playoffs right around the corner it’s a reminder that the season is almost over. For some of us, it means rooting for our teams as they chase baseball’s ultimate prize. For most of us, it’s a time to look forward to the new year, when hope springs eternal. And for another segment of the population, it’s a time to reflect on what happened to their fantasy baseball teams.

Thanks to CSE Games you can scratch the baseball itch any time of the year in Fantasy Fantasy Baseball.

Mashing up America’s pastime with the fantasy theme common to D&D, even those who couldn’t care less about balls and strikes will have a blast putting together teams of orcs, zombies, and more on the field.

One to four players take the field for this game of card drafting and hand management. It takes the elements of a fantasy baseball season and condenses it down into a simpler and shorter simulation, along with a healthy dose of fantasy-themed players that drive the action.

Thankfully, there’s no need to know anything about earned run average, win shares, or the increasingly complex formulas of sabermetrics. Just find the players for the strategy you want to focus on, whether its pitching or hitting, and keep an eye on whether your players are good or evil.

A game round consists of trying to win four of the cards on the diamond by matching your best cards to each one. Whether it’s Kurt Chilling of the Centaurs or Ground Fingers of the Dwarves, you’ll have plenty of choices to make, depending on which categories you’re trying to win.

Simply playing the best character isn’t always going to win you a card, though. Each character has a magic ability so you’re forced to decide whether you want to use it to win a stat category or use that ability in combination with one of the cards you’ve committed to another stat category.

If you win a card, you’ll get victory points. However, as a consolation the losers get to move up the stat tracker if their players match any of the card’s categories.

After three rounds, the two top players go on to the final round World Series, with the winner being declared the champion.

Drafting cards and managing them to earn victory points will come natural to hobby gamers. Even those who aren’t fans of America’s pastime will have a blast with Fantasy Fantasy Baseball.

While the game play may seem straightforward, there’s more to it just below the surface. Since characters can also be used for their magic ability, this gives you and your opponents much more to think about on every turn. If you know someone’s drafted a stat-heavy player, will you try to use one of your players’ abilities to offset it? And if you counter that player, what do you do with your remaining players? You’ll probably lose a category or two, but do you have enough to claim the others?

These choices lead to interesting decisions nearly every step of the way. Baseball fans, hobby gamers, and those who reside in both worlds will find plenty to to like about the game. And with a built-in solo ruleset, Fantasy Fantasy Baseball is ready for action before, during, and after the MLB season.