Warhammer Wednesday Arrives

Warhammer Wednesday Arrives

October 3, 2018 Off By Jess

 Welcome to the first tabletop-test ‘Warhammer Wednesday’ the new home of Games Workshop ramblings and all appropriate alliteration. So without further frittering of finite fields let us begin…


Shadespire Season 2: Welcome to Night Vault


Shadespire Nightvault

2 Spoopy!


Shadespire is back and this time it is exactly the same size it was before. After the anti-climax of the Warhammer Fest Shadespire Tournament being decided on a straight D6 roll, things are looking more dynamic. Spells, squigs, scenery and some amazing new warbands. The core set offers Sacrosanct Stormcast facing Night Haunt to perfectly complement your Age of Sigmar starter set armies. Coming soon we have an evocative enclave of Tzeentch plus my favourite gaggle of grotesque Goblins; but most importantly more Darkoath Damsels of Destruction to doom dastardly denizens of the darkest dungeons. All this will be compatible with Shadespire season 1 if you already play but suitably stand alone for new players.


The Waking Dead


Wake the Dead set

Hilarity Ensues


Following in the footsteps of ferocious battle packs Forgebane or Tooth and Claw. Waking the Dead chronicles an hilarious misunderstanding on the luckless planet of Vigilus, setting would be allies of Saim Hann against the Ultramarines. Featuring new commander models for both Aldari and Primaris this is a great set to split with a friend. Alternatively it makes a superb basis for running a narrative campaign on Vigilus. Given the amount of Xenos activity on the planet now there must be a fair few Imperial officials weighing up the cost/benefit of planetary bombardment.


Burn, baby burn!


Inferno paperback

A legend returns


This is Inferno! The long awaited return of the much loved short fiction magazine in glorious paperback format. Showcasing new narratives from known names alongside fresh meat. Inferno promises a diverse range of stories to explore the post Cicatrix Maledictum galaxy and the Mortal Realms. I’m overjoyed to see the publication retaining a tradition of beautiful cover art which made Inferno so enticing on shop shelves. If you wish to relive the old days then the first few issues of the original run are available on the Games Workshop Webstore through ‘Print to Order’.


Temptations abound


Slaaneshi fiend preview

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?


Thanks to a picture of a sneaky sprue showing a selection of Slaanesh, Games Workshop have released official preview pictures of a new Slaaneshi Fiend model. After rumours the youngest Chaos deity had been removed from the game, it will be interesting to see what new direction their narrative will take.


The 500 Wor… Stores


Games Workshop stores prepare to celebrate the opening of their milestone 500th Store in Hong Kong. Events will be world wide with exclusive merchandise and secret plans awaiting announcement. If we pay heed to the lessons of the past then it can only be a matter of time before Kevin Rountree returns to oversee the great project below Nottingham.


Games Workshop store opening

This could easily be any decade


From humble beginnings providing an unwelcoming environment for women and people of colour; 30 years and 500 stores later Games Workshop is finally a place anyone can enjoy the hobby in a mostly inclusive environment. Check your local store for exciting events exemplifying entertainment encouraging everyone to enjoy.


One more thing…