Gateway Games: Introduction to Dexterity Games

Gateway Games: Introduction to Dexterity Games

October 9, 2018 Off By Tifa

Gateway Games is a series of articles aimed at helping you find the games that are right for you. Today let’s talk about games that you can really get your hands-on: dexterity games.

Dexterity games are games with a physical element involved. Classic examples are Jenga and Twister, but in the current world of board games, there are now a large number of dexterity games that have complex strategy and skill. I am going to introduce three very different forms of dexterity games, all of which are fun in their own ways.

1. Junk Art

In Junk Art, you are taking a pile of junk and turning it into a tower of art. The pieces are beautiful and interesting to build with, making this a fantastic tactile game. There are ten different ways that you can play! The rulebook has a variety of cities that reflect the different ways to play. This helps cater to how many players are playing, how much time you have to play, or how difficult you want the game to be. If you are introducing someone to a game like this for the first time or playing a game like this yourself for the first time, I recommend playing one of the first cities – Amsterdam or Gujarat. Both of these have an objective of building the tallest structure, which is an easy concept to grasp and fun to complete.

2. Ugg-Tect

Ugg-Tect is a delightfully silly dexterity game in which players take on the role of cavemen and must communicate with their team using only cavemen speak and gestures. One player acts as the architect and must instruct the builder(s) to build a structure in a picture that only the architect can see. The architect does get a club to help reinforce good behaviors or correct the builders when they mess up. Don’t worry, the club is soft and inflatable. This game is hilarious when played with close friends, families, and especially couples. It is also just as entertaining to watch as it is to play, making it a great party game.

3. Dungeon Fighter

Dungeon Fighter is a cooperative game that combines a dungeon crawl style game with the fun of dexterity skills. Just like in dungeon crawl games, players take on the role of heroes and enter a three-tier dungeon full of adventure, treasures, and monsters that increase in difficulty as you climb higher into the dungeon. The unique difference in this game is the dexterity element. In order to fight monsters, players must throw dice onto the target shaped board to determine if they are able to hit the monster and how much damage they deal. To make gameplay more fun, there are specific throw effects that add levels of difficulty to your ability to aim at the game board while throwing dice. For example, one monster might require you to turn your back to the table and throw behind you or a specific room might require you to close your eyes and throw under your leg. The possible situations you might encounter for dice rolling have never been so ridiculous and it’s mixed with a great strategy game.

I hope this was helpful for people interested in trying out some games beyond what they have already played and as a guide for turning your friends and loved ones into hardcore gamers.