Warhammer Wednesday – Awesome Apps

Warhammer Wednesday – Awesome Apps

October 17, 2018 Off By Jess

Dice, rulebooks, cards, measuring sticks, tokens, models, magazines, codexes and a myriad other things. Keeping everything to hand for your hobby can require considerable space and strength. Technology holds the solution and Games Workshop has produced some handy apps to assist. Grab your Android device and get ready to download with me…


Silver Tower



So you have been invited to an impromptu game of Silver Tower and your friends don’t have your favourite hero. Disaster! Fear not, for the Silver Tower app has you covered. Select your hero or download one that takes your fancy for a small fee. Traits, Weapons, Stats are all available at a touch, you can even select or randomly draw Skill or Treasure Cards. At Games End you can track the outcome, select which skills and treasure you keep, assign amulet shards and save your hero for next session. It is even possible to have multiple heroes saved for when you are part of too many campaigns to count. Highly Recommended.


Blood Bowl: My Dugout


Not Sparkly.


This handy app takes you through recruiting a team, preparing your endorsements, managing kick off events, selecting special play cards, and even tracking scores, XP and injury. Everything you could possibly need for easy team management. Like the Silver Tower app, you can track multiple teams for when you want to play a bit of everything. Unlike the Silver Tower app it isn’t the most user friendly of apps and requires solid familiarity with the game sequences to get the most out of it. It will save you carting around books and cards, which has advantages, but it is probably one for the hardcore Nuffle worshiper.


Warhammer: Age of Sigmar


Handy search function


This is a beautifully presented app that is easy to use. Containing Warscrolls for all of the Age of Sigmar models that you can bookmark for quick reference and search with ease. One click will take you to the Games Workshop site to view the models themselves (or current equivalent) another will pull up the AoS core rules document. If you want to invest in digital army books then there is the option, but the .pdf style format lacks usability compared to an ebook reader. A small monthly fee gives access to the army building tool ‘Azyr’ which some may wish to make use of but is by no means essential. All in all my favourite Games Workshop app.


Citadel Paint


Paint your shark friend


A superb reference tool for the Games Workshop Paint System with full colours breakdown and layering guides. Individual models are presented with suggested paint schemes to aid beginners and experienced painters alike. A comprehensive techniques section provides tutorials at the touch of a button. If that wasn’t enough there is also a paint inventory system to track your palette and remind you to replenish. This is perhaps the star of the show.

White Dwarf


Does exactly what it says on the tin


Losing shelf space? Missed an issue four months ago? Want your hobby news archive to be portable? The White Dwarf app allows you to digitally own and store your favourite magazine in the palm of their hand. Not for everyone but ideal for the hobbyist on the go. If you are looking for gaming news and reviews then this is the next best thing to browsing Tabletop-Test.


Black Library Audio




I listen to audio-books whilst I paint. Until this app came into my life I had to keep track of .mp3 files or maintain an Audible subscription for my fix of 41st Millennium fiction. Audio Dramas and Audio Books have their own sections for those who prefer one above the other, and series are grouped together for quick reference. The app supports cloud or device storage as well as casting to other devices. Pretty neat. Prices vary from a coffee or two for a short Audio Drama or a meal out for 12 hours of Audio Book.