Warhammer Wednesday – WAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Warhammer Wednesday – WAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!

October 24, 2018 Off By Jess

Pre-orders for the new Codex Orks open this coming Saturday 27th October 2018. Warhammer Community are running focus articles for each of the Ork clans and their varying ‘Kultur’ with Goffs being front and centre. This faction has been an integral part of the Warhammer 40,000 setting since the beginning and Games Workshop have invested time in making the release work for 8th edition. What goodies lie in store..?


The Codex


Ork codex

Ork Codex. Corkdex?


Here it is. The Codex we have all been waiting for (the other codex we have all been waiting for. Sisters due next year.) in all its drab and understated glory. There is also a collectors edition but with an equally dark and unappealing cover I’m not particularly convinced it offers much extra. Much like the Ultramarines or Martian Priesthood serve as the poster faction for their codexes; Codex Orks is all about the Goffs.


Gonna need more dice…


Ork Dice

Ork dice. Dorkce?


As beautifully thematic as the Ork dice are you will need at least three sets to play a Goff army. You’ll want a solid core of slugga and choppa armed Grrlz as the backbone for lots of dakka and even more close combat attacks. With sixes exploding to provide an additional shot AND attack (Goffs are where it’s at). You might also have a few problems spotting the difference between the Ork and cross spanna 6 face and the 1 face skullz icon. Perhaps keep the theme dice for the characters and a bucket of generic D6 for the Grrlz?


Also cards


Ork reference cards

Ork cards. Corks?


Because eventually your codex becomes more bookmark than book. Never hurts to place stratagem cards next to a unit as a reminder.


The best bit?


Mek Workshop

Mek Workshop. Merkshop?


As is their want Games Workshop once again provide us with a themed scenery release to complement a new codex. Announcing the arrival of the Mek shop; helping to keep your vehicles running and guns… gunning?


Look at it! Designed to be compatible with Sector Imperialis or Moon Base Klaisus terrain; it makes conversions super simple. Not to mention providing some lovely gubbinz to kustomise your army. That engine will be perfect for a kustom buggy, those tools are going to end up as weapons for Mega Armoured Nobz. If diorama making is your thing that bench will serve a Doks Surgery just as well as the Mek Shop. Please bear with me a moment whilst I Ork-gasm.


Born to be Wiiiiiiillldddd!


Warboss on trike

Warboss on Wartrike. Workbo… nevermind.


Now I can’t talk Ork without revisiting a vehicle we saw in sneak peak a while back. The new Warboss on Trike. Here we have our Mad Max moment. Our invitation to ride shiny and chrome surrounded by a plethora of daft new buggies; escorting that huge tanker made from a Trukk and several Munitorum crates we’re all planning.


Where was I? Oh yes, grappling hook klaw, huge shotgun, spiky wheels, fingerless leather gloves, be still my beating heart.


Paradise Regained


No longer shall our Greenskin hordes linger in the doldrums. The kultur rules promise distinct and characterful play styles and the new vehicles simply ooze character and humour in equal measure. The future is bright, the future is green, get in the trukk, it’s time to get mean!