Welcome To … Deep Water Games’ Latest Kickstarter

Welcome To … Deep Water Games’ Latest Kickstarter

October 29, 2018 Off By Ruel

Since making its official debut over the summer, Welcome To … has been a huge hit for Deep Water Games. Multiple printings have sold out and now they’re turning to Kickstarter for its next print run, along with bonus content that Welcome To … players will appreciate.

A quick recap of what Welcome To … is all about: in this roll-and-write game it’s 1950s America and you’re trying to build the best neighborhoods. On each turn you and your opponents choose a pair of randomly drawn cards to write a number on a house and perform a special action. House numbers must be in sequential order (don’t want to confuse the mail person, after all), and you receive bonuses for completing parks, pools, and housing estates.

The upcoming Kickstarter will feature the base game for new players, along with extra goodies for veteran Welcome To … players. I play-tested the Halloween-themed scoresheet and city plans and I’m happy to report that it’s a wonderful variant that gamers will enjoy, whether or not you’ve already played the original.

According to Deep Water Games COO Jacob Way, “The thematic packs allow us to experiment with new concepts but also create a way to support a game even though you may have already bought the base game.”

In the Halloween variant, a “trick or treat” mechanism comes into play, with a handful of homes marked with a ghost and a candy corn. Whenever you write a number on these homes, you’ll choose a trick (ghost) or treat (candy corn). Each player keeps track of their tricks and treats and there’s a community pool of bonuses.

There are one-time abilities for the tricks and scoring bonuses for the treats. So, if I collect four tricks (ghosts), then I can use it to build one pool or park. Or, I can opt to go for the six-trick bonus, which is the ability to build two pools or perform a Bis action without a penalty. However, once a player claims one of the bonuses, the other players may no longer use them. Likewise, players race for point bonuses for collecting treats and you may only claim one trick and one treat bonus. There’s also an additional city plan that scores you additional points based on the tricks or treats you’ve collected in your neighborhoods.

Based on this variant scoresheet, I can’t wait to see what else Deep Water Games has in store for Welcome To … Will there be other holidays and mechanisms used for scoring? It’s such a fun thematic touch and I’d love to play a unique score sheet for every holiday gaming weekend.

Other highlights of the upcoming Kickstarter include new promo City Plan cards, which will have something for solo gamers, as well as dry-erase score sheets. COO Way also talked about the Welcome To … play mat.

“The play mat was designed by Nolan Nasser and has learning and ease of play as its focus,” he said. “Deep Water is all about inclusiveness so the play mat is just a great application of making a game easier to learn. We actually studied the way we were teaching at GenCon and the other conventions we have attended since Welcome To … was released and just tried to find a solution that teaches as well as we can but without us.”

The Welcome To … Kickstarter launches on October 30th. More information here.