Warhammer Wednesday – Hidden Agendas

Warhammer Wednesday – Hidden Agendas

October 31, 2018 Off By Jess

There has been much excitement with the high octane thrills of Orktober, return to Shadespire, and the blazing return of Inferno! You may be forgiven therefore, should you have missed one of the most interesting Age of Sigmar releases to date. Worry not for I have provided a handy link: Presenting ‘Hidden Agendas’…


Narrative joy

Fighting over objectives

Watch out for that trap door!

In their base form, the inclusion of Hidden Agendas in a game will add a chance to develop a narrative around your games. Will the Stormcast hero eager to make her mark valiantly ‘Sacrifice’ herself in mortal combat? Perhaps your Dispossed Warden Queen values the life of her kin above all else and therefore seeks to ‘Conserve’ their strength? Is the battle mostly a distraction to allow a cunning Waywatcher to infiltrate enemy territory?

Outside a campaign, this shapes a history and personality to the army you have lovingly crafted. When combined with local meta-game, legends will rise of the Nomad Princess who always sends an agent to disrupt supply lines. Perhaps two followers of the Horned Rat might compete over who can achieve the highest ‘Attrition’ of enemy forces?


Campaign Development

Battle over an objective

Can our heroes steal the delicious soup?

Should you need a tie breaker for events the Hidden Agendas are a respectable option. I feel there is more that can be done to shape a narrative tournament. The idea that battles won allows control of territory to switch between sides or individual armies is an old one. The campaign that allows choice of territory upon which to fight equally so. Now let us add to the mix…

A campaign storyteller can offer additional options based on alliances achieving a set number of Hidden Agendas. Do you then collude with your fellow Destruction players to ‘Invade’ enemy territory because it opens up new campaign options? Is this worth the risk of revealing your Hidden Agenda? Perhaps the Order Generals will play obvious ‘Conserve’ tactics in order to draw their opposite number into a trap and ‘Slay’ their commanders? Trade off narrative boons and ensure your Hidden Agenda is not discovered thereby adding significant depth to a campaign.

Rewards don’t have to be significant but can certainly be flavourful. An Alliance successful in achieving several ‘Centre Ground’ objectives given opportunity to fortify territory. A General able to ‘Seize’ ground granted an optional re-roll when selecting the battle plan.


Mixing it up

Fighting over objectives

Everyone wants the floaty stone.

As a Campaign Storyteller you may decide to mix things up. Issue Hidden Agendas to players before each battle rather than allowing them to select their own. Does a player consistently rely on offensive tactics? Provide them with instructions from superiors to ‘Defend’ ground and see how it changes the dynamic of games. Perhaps a new player needs a push to be more aggressive? Issue a command to ‘Invade’ from their Warboss whilst issuing their opponent orders to ‘Conserve’ and shift the way they both approach the game. Use Hidden Agendas to promote enjoyment and support your players and build stories.


In Conclusion

Hidden Agendas are Great. I love them.


Fighting for an objective

Ikea offers many suitable sofas.