Check out Spectaculars: The Superhero Themed RPG!

Check out Spectaculars: The Superhero Themed RPG!

November 6, 2018 Off By Tifa

Based in the same engine as Dusk City Outlaws, this upcoming role-playing game lets you create your own superhero identity in a comic book style universe your party helps to generate.

I was honored to be one of the playtesters for this super fun game and you can actually watch my playthrough on the Kickstarter page!

Since you can see the gameplay yourself, I wanted to give some behind the scenes details and let you know how I felt about the game as a whole, mostly focusing on character creation.

The first thing we did when we started to play was to select the character we wanted to be. I chose to be an Energy Battery because I’ve always been interested in the concept of moving energy from one source to another as a superpower. Then, we were given a random deck of cards to choose 1-3 abilities from and a career. There was also a line of power options to choose from in case we wanted more options.

I decided to be a generic white collar worker since that was something I could easily relate to. Also, the ability to read emotions was very appealing to me and the way I play RPGs. I tried to focus on the idea of energy while choosing my powers and abilities. Atomic Energy Control seemed ideal for being an Energy Battery for my main power and Energy Blast was a perfect secondary power thematically. I will admit that I chose Toughness because I enjoy being a Tank, and this was before I even knew being a Tank was an option…

From there, we created our character on the character sheet, using the abilities we chose and our own imaginations. I loved having multiple choice options to help create my character. This made the character creation feel open to my creative interpretation but it also felt guided as to not be overwhelmingly open-ended. This also means that the process is fairly quick, which is a great option for playing an RPG in the busy life of adulthood.

I really enjoyed how quickly I felt like I was able to create an in-depth character that I cared about and was excited to play. My character was named the Atomic Bombshell. She was a young, charming and reckless granddaughter of a superhero from the 80s and lived in the basement of his mansion.

Once our characters are created, we got together with the GM (Rodney Thompson) and determined how our party knew each other. This helped form the story that was about to take place. We worked together to determine our roles (this is where I got to choose Tank!) and we also built the world we lived in. Our characters lived in a high-tech version of Seattle in the 2020s where superheroes were not trusted by the government but were viewed positively by most of the population.

The gameplay itself was very enjoyable, the powers were easy to use, and the experience was very fun. There was a good mix of interacting with people, hack and slash fighting, and having to do research to solve puzzle-like questions. Much like when you see the super smart heroes figure out a villain’s plan based on a piece of metal… which is pretty much exactly what we did.  It felt like being a superhero, including the part where I almost died. In the final battle, I could envision our party tearing up the place and saving the city scene by scene.

For me personally, I prefer more social interactions and fewer fight scenes, but it was totally what I would have expected for a superhero based RPG and I think it encapsulates the feel of a comic book. If you are a comic book fan, this is the game for you!