Stay on Target: Games at Big Box Retailer Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

Stay on Target: Games at Big Box Retailer Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

November 12, 2018 Off By Ruel

Like other big box retailers, Target has sold board games for years. Copies of Candy Land, Monopoly, and other well-worn titles lined the shelves and hobby gamers weren’t exactly knocking down the store’s doors.

Slowly but surely, though, Target began carrying games that were deemed as modern classics. Catan, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, and others started to find their way into the hands of new gamers. The retailer then expanded its board game selection, including a few games exclusive to Target. Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City and Evolution: The Beginning were standalone gateway games based on popular titles.

Earlier this year Target announced it was rolling out over 130 new games, with 95 of them exclusive to its stores. Now, alongside Connect Four and Trouble, you could find Spiel des Jahres winners like Azul and Kingdomino. While you won’t find Twilight Struggle or Through the Ages here, there are plenty of worthwhile games to add to your collection.

Here are a five Target-exclusive games that’ll ensure your next family game night is a success.


Renowned board game designer/writer/illustrator Ryan Lauket takes his talents to Target with this light and fun push-your-luck game. Players build their cities by exploring Megaland by deciding when to take their treasures home or journey onward into the unknown. Will you grab more treasures that will help you build better buildings? Or will you fall off the ledge after encountering one of Megaland’s monsters?

Vegas Dice Game

This outstanding dice-chucking game from Rudiger Dorn was known as Las Vegas in its pre-Target life. The premise is simple and Vegas-like: win the most money over four rounds. The game play, though, is quite clever, combining area control and push-your-luck. It can accommodate up to five players and is a quick play. Bonus: the box is shaped like a six-sided die so it’ll ensure that your shelves have never looked cooler.

OK Play

For a quick abstract no matter where you find tabletop space, OK Play is a Carcassonne-meets-Connect-Four game that’s brilliantly packaged for the gamer on the go. Grab one of your tiles and place it next to another one.If you run out of tiles, move one of your previously placed pieces, but be careful of those spaces you open up for your opponents.  First player to get five in a row, orthogonally or diagonally, wins.

Blank Slate

From USAopoly comes this party game that feels like a cross between a word-guessing game and Dixit. Up to eight players can join in by grabbing a dry-erase board and pen, then someone flips over a clue card that has one word and a blank line. On your board you’ll write a word and simultaneously reveal them. If your answer matches with multiple players, then you each get one point. However, if you match with exactly one person, then you each score three points. First to 25 points wins. Blank Slate’s easy-to-learn rules will guarantee a lot of fun in no time.

Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game

A card game done in the fun retro style of cereals like Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry. In Monster Crunch! players lay down numbered cereal cards from their own personal deck into their individual bowls. Players must beat the previously played card or pass, which means they’ll lose any remaining cards but receive a milk token. These tokens can then be used to play multiple cards, resulting in higher and possibly unbeatable combinations. Everyone also has special one-time abilities that help them get closer to victory. The stellar artwork evokes memories of childhood mornings spent eating sugary breakfast cereals and the 20-minute play time ensures repeated plays of this light and fun card-shedding game.