Warhammer Wednesday – Blackstone Fortress

Warhammer Wednesday – Blackstone Fortress

November 21, 2018 Off By Jess

‘It means that though the Witch knew the Deep Magic, there is a magic deeper still which she did not know. Her knowledge goes back only to the dawn of time.’ – Aslan (God Emperor of Humanity)


Warhammer Quest – Blackstone Fortress


I have been waiting to cover this release until we A) knew more about it, and B) I had got over the new baby. Now everything is revealed it is time to talk.

Warhammer Quest is the finest creation of Games Workshop who have dedicated a lot of time and effort to this release. Honestly I have nothing but admiration for ‘What if Warhammer Quest but sci-fi?’. Ever since Battlefleet Gothic and the 13th Black Crusade (no, the other one) the Blackstone Fortress has been a beautiful emblem of humanity being out of their depth. Mysterious Origins, unknown secrets, epic loot, vast uncharted areas, it was an adventure waiting to happen.


The Board


Blinkin hex

What the hex going on?


First and foremost this is a board game. The models are stunning and perfect for wargaming but easy assembly was forefront in the design. If your usual group lacks the stamina for Twilight Imperium this can offer a sci-fi fix with enough tokens to make Avalon Hill blush. The switch from squares to a hex grid opens this version of Warhammer Quest up to greater play variety; handy for those who constantly find themselves in a doorway behind the Stormcast. My only complaint would be the hex artwork, it lacks colour and blends too easily with the usual 40k colour palette if you paint the models.


The Lore


Beep boop

Danger Will Robinson


This little robot buddy has captivated people already. Exploring the fabled ‘Men of Iron’ who pre-date even the Horus Heresy is a bold choice for any story. Placing that story in the hands of the players and revealing part of the Warhammer 40,000 deep magic is truly inspired. I await to see the story unfold with barely contained excitement. This also confirms that whilst the 41st Millenium is Gothic and the 31st Millenium Baroque, the Dark Age of Technology was delightfully Googie.


Forever Autumn



We also have a new and unusual appearance in the Blackstone Fortress. Spindle Drones are allegedly part of the Fortress itself and blatantly the vanguard of future expansions. What alien (or empyrean) constructions await our intrepid adventurers further in the fortress? With their tripod image invoking H.G. Wells (ok, Jeff Wayne) and style unlike anything we have encountered in universe before these are somewhat unsettling and I love them for it.


Old Favourites


Too Kroot for words

Isn’t he just the Krootest little thing?


We have lovely band of adventurers. Something for everyone. Once you have fought each other to be the robot whilst someone cuddles the adorable Kroot there is a range of choice from Rogue Trader (switch out for the Elucidia Vane model obvs), the Psyker/Wizard, an interesting dual model character, religious zealots and the elf rangerrrrr… Aldarei Outcast. Remember that whoever owns it gets first dibs.


In Summary


This is an excellent addition to any board games collection, certainly a better use of time and money than Warhammer 40,000 monopoly (OMG JESS YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!) and will play in an evening if no one is in the mood for Catan.

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