Warhammer Wednesday – Vigilus Unveiled

Warhammer Wednesday – Vigilus Unveiled

November 28, 2018 Off By Jess

The Vigilus Weekender at Warhammer World revealed a plethora of exciting new releases. I am focusing on the Vigilus reveals in this article but a brief mention has to be made of the stunning new Slanneshi Daemon models; along with a new Karanak to try and eat them for Khorne. The 41st Millenium will be seeing new city fighting rules and Chapter Approved.


Vigilus Defiant


Vigilus Defiant campaign book

Any colour you like as long as it’s grey and boring.


We have witnessed the Gathering Storm, fought as part of the Indomitus Crusade, rallied to the defense of Konor and now Vigilus calls for aid. Vigilus Defiant is a campaign setting for the next chapter of the 41st Millennium. I must admit to being skeptical when Games Workshop announced plans to progress the story of Warhammer 40,000. Now I am enjoying my humble pie with ketchup and chips. The build up to this book has been extremely well executed with three box sets a webcomic and Black Library publications setting the scene. Now we see where it has all been heading.


Primarneus Calgar


Fists of Fury

Calgar likes to Vogue


We knew the Primaris upgrade was a possibility for vanilla Astartes. We knew this moment would come eventually. Now it’s official. The characters we know and love are being updated. Having been a bit of a grump during the Konor campaign it’s good to see Calgar doing what he does best once more. Rules for the first Primaris Chapter Master are in the Vigilus Defiant book and I anticipate him being a more interesting Warlord than Roboute. Certainly the model has a brutalist charm lacking in the Primarch.


Black Legion


Black as their souls

It’s stabby time


What’s black and gold and red all over? The Black Legion getting stuck in after years watching other traitor legions receive shiny new models. As yet the full extent of this release is unknown. Black Fortress had three new Black Legion models, this preview picture shows a Raptor with awesome spear and rumours abound regarding a new Abaddon model. Chaos fans rejoice. Failure to rejoice will be considered an insult to Slannesh.


A Cult Following


Battleship, 40k style

Always plan your trip to Warhammer World


Saving the best to last we have the long await Genestealer Cults codex expected alongside Vigilus Defiant. With 8th edition finding its feet the ambush tactics of the Cult needed a lot of work to get right, the wait is worth it. Above we have a tactical genius planning an infiltration. Honestly I can’t wait to see the myriad conversions this amazing model spawns.

At heart a Genestealer Cult army is all about mobility which the updated deep strike and infiltration rules to prevent first turn misery curtailed somewhat. Worry not as the cultists have been busy looting more vehicles to address this…


Biker Grove



Quad bike!

Two wheels bad, four wheels good.


I can’t words how amazingly wow oh my gosh what an exciting wonderfully perfect uuuuuugggnnnnnfff. On the wastelands of Vigilus; Cult bike gangs will clash with Ork biker mobs. I need them now. I suspect you do too.


One more thing…