Gateway Games: Party Games

Gateway Games: Party Games

December 5, 2018 Off By Tifa

Gateway Games is a series of articles aimed at helping you find the games that are right for you. Are you ready to party? If so, I have some games for you!

Party games are the types of games that everyone can enjoy. They are great ice breakers for mixed company, fun for the beginning of a gamer meet-up as people are arriving, an easy addition to a holiday or New Year’s Eve party, or a way to make time with your family more enjoyable. There are many different styles of party games. I am going to discuss a few of my favorites while trying to capture a diverse variety of styles.


Codenames is a great game for a wide variety of groups and can be enjoyed by anyone who likes thoughtful guessing games. While best with 6-8 players, this game can be played with anywhere from 2 players to more than 8 players if you are okay with people being very loud. In Codenames, the group is split into two teams. The game board is a grid of individual tiles and each tile contains a word for everyone to see. Each team selects one person to be the spymaster – they see a secret grid displaying what words belong to each team. As the spymaster, you have to come up with a one-word clue that ties as many of your colored tiles together as possible. But be very careful, you will be penalized if your team guesses wrong. For example, if your team has the words Broccoli, Foliage, and The Hulk, you could say the word Green as your clue. However, if the other team has the word Bullfrog and your team selects it, the other team gets a point and your team has to pass the turn. There is also an assassin tile and if someone selects that, their team automatically loses.

Billionaire Banshee

Billionaire Banshee is a hilarious game to get very personal with your friends very fast. In this mock dating game, one person draws one Perk card and one Quirk card and secretly decide if they would date a person based on these traits. Everyone else playing then decides if they think that player will date or deny the potential lover. The best part is going around the table and explaining your reasoning for your decisions, whether you are explaining why you think your friend would not date someone based on the fact that they are a centaur or if you are defending your own decision to date a person with button eyes because they are filthy rich. This game can be played with very large groups, but is best in groups of 4-10. Would you date a Billionaire Banshee?

A Fake Artist Goes to New York 

In this drawing game, one player is playing the role of the Fake Artist Going to New York. Everyone else at the table knows what the group is collectively drawing, except for the fake artist. Each player contributes one line at a time to the drawing until everyone has contributed two lines total. Then, everyone discusses who they think the fake artist is based on their contributions. After a few minutes of discussion, each player points at the person they accuse. If the majority doesn’t select correctly, the group loses and the fake artist wins. If they select correctly, but the fake artist knows what the drawing is in the end, the group still loses and the fake artist wins. The biggest challenge in this game is drawing enough to prove that you know what the prompt is, but not too much to give it away to the fake artist. This game plays well with 5-10 players.

I hope this article can help your next gathering be the best that it can be!