Warhammer Wednesday – The Next Generation

Warhammer Wednesday – The Next Generation

December 19, 2018 Off By Jess

Gone are the dark days of Games Workshop marketing to a small demographic. Community teams and marketing now recognise the wide and wonderful mix of folk who enjoy their products. It also helps that those of us with children younger than some of our models want to share our passion. So what is out there to inspire the next generation..?


girl with model

The Next Generation are always proud of their hobby.


Warhammer Conquest



I love the layout and writing here


Published in the UK only so far (but I suspect likely to launch overseas eventually) this magazine offers a monthly subscription to new players. I have been impressed with the issues I have seen so far. Clear and accessible pages on the lore, introduction to new rules each month, guidelines to play your first skirmishes. Issues come with Deathguard or Primaris models or the paints required for each faction. There are even a couple of Conquest exclusive miniatures. Ideal for a family to share the full series will provide two full armies and a range of terrain at an impressive discount on retail. Most importantly the photos inside show players with a mix of gender and race.


Warhammer Adventures



First books from two trilogies!


Young adult fiction is pretty awesome. It has given us Goosebumps, Point Horror and Mortal Engines to name but a few. The rich settings of both Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar are so perfect for this genre it is almost baffling why it has taken so long for the Warhammer Adventure series to come along. The text is accessible and audiobooks are coming in 2019 with some famous names (ok, Dr Who famous) narrating. I’d like to make special mention of the refreshingly representative characters which places the series well above many Black Library offerings. These will be a bedtime favourite in this house.


First Strike



Painty paint paint


I don’t think I can properly express my love for the new starter set format Games Workshop has adopted. Looking at the huge box of models as a child (with accompanying price tag) was disheartening. Now we have affordable starter sets. First Strike provides two small forces, rules and the box even turns into terrain. Small boxes of troops allow you to expand your collection at pocket money prices and the starter paint sets are amazing value. A focus on high quality snap-fit models has opened up the hobby to my 5 year old daughter who adores assembling and painting.




My desk

Open your hobby spaces to younger hobbyists


The single most important inspiration for new hobbyists is you. As a parent you can share a mutually enjoyed activity with your children. You may not be a parent but your actions are still vital to growing the hobby. Try standing up to the toxic elements of the fandom who railed against Warhammer Adventures or welcoming families who turn up to your local club. Compliment the painting skills of new hobbyists at your local store.



Raaarrrgghhh! I gave her free access to my bitz box.


Honestly the next generation of hobbyists have a huge wealth of imagination and enthusiasm to share. Not weighed down with 30 years of lore and opinion they bring some truly inspired narratives to the table for all to enjoy.