Warhammer Wednesday – Seasonal Snow Basing

Warhammer Wednesday – Seasonal Snow Basing

December 19, 2018 Off By Jess

‘Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!’ – Logan Grimnar

Tis’ the season. Why stop at decorating your home or workplace in the style of traditional pagan ritual when you can at that festive touch to your miniatures? That question was of course rhetorical so without further ado let me begin a tutorial on snow basing…


Texture, texture, texture



So. Much. Texture.


My golden rule for any kind of modelling is ‘Add Texture’ and bases are no exception. Games Workshop do an excellent range of Citadel Texture Paints for precisely this job. If you were so inclined a dash of Valhallan Blizzard on your bases would complete a wintery theme; however the block white will serve to distract from the model and actually look quite flat. My go to for any winter basing is Citadel Texture Stirland Battlemire to represent the frost bitten dirt of winter.





The real highlight of the process.


So I assume you have got your base complete with a layer of Stirland Battlemire all ready. Now we want to highlight the raised parts of the texture paint with a light drybrush of Citadel Layer Screaming Skull. If you are new to drybrushing grab a large brush, gently dip it in the Screaming Skull to get a touch of paint; then wipe off the majority until only the barest residue is left when you brush over the base. I recommend drybrushing in circle motions to avoid a grain effect.


The Snow itself

Now comes the fun part, flocking. You’ll want a nice light and fluffly snow flock available from all good modelling retailers except Games Workshop. A quick search on eBay should see you inundated with options. You will also need a good blob of PVA glue.

Step 1

Prepare a clean brush you don’t mind getting covered in glue. Place a blob of PVA glue about the size of a fingernail on a clean surface for mixing. Use your brush to add Snow Flocking into the PVA and mix well. You want a roughly 70:30 ratio of Glue:Flock.


Not drugs

Pre-mix ingredients.


Step 2

Spread your mix onto the Base. Don’t aim for an even coating but more of a patchwork. The greater the snow cover you desire the larger the snow patches you can add. Repeat this in an irregular fashion across a squad of models to make it visually appealing.



Patchwork basing.


Step 3

Wait. No, seriously, wait. As the glue dries the snow effect will begin to show. Don’t be tempted to fiddle or adjust. If you have spare mix you can add detail to vehicles, buildings or infantry by putting a dab of snow on a few surfaces. Consider which parts of the model are hot (such as exhausts) or moving (such as wheels) and avoid flocking these areas.



No bases like snow bases.


Finishing Touches


All the tufts

Tuft, erm, ok, I don’t have a pun here. It’s too tuft.


So far our base looks great but is decidedly monochrome. We can add spot colour with a little tuft or two on each base. Citadel Middenland Tufts are perfect for this. You can even add a blob of flock mix on the very to highlight recent snowfall. Personally I prefer a more colourful option to evoke a more alien landscape so used my blue flower tufts.


Give it a go and spread the Saturnalia spirit.