Best Personal Gaming Moments of 2018

Best Personal Gaming Moments of 2018

December 20, 2018 Off By Tifa

Now that we’ve reached the end of another year, I love looking back on my favorite gaming moments. This year, being a contributor for this site has been a huge expansion to my gaming life. It’s been awesome reflecting on games from a new perspective, exploring the best approaches to bring all types of folks into the hobby in a welcoming way.

Here are my favorite gaming moments from the year. We’d love to hear some of yours, tweet at us!

GAMA – Demoing Heroes of Dominaria

Working for GTS Distribution, I was able to go to GAMA for the first time ever. I had an incredible time and got to see a new side of the gaming industry. On top of seeing leaders of the tabletop industry have a blast at karaoke, I was able to demo a good chunk of games before they came out, including Heroes of Dominaria when it was still in play test mode. I loved seeing a solidly designed strategy board game set in the multiverse that I love and was impressed at the appeal of the gameplay for non-Magic players. Upon my first play, I felt like this game was going to fill a space that was needed in the Magic product lineup. Finally, a game to show people the world of Magic without having to introduce them to the complexities of the cards right away.

PAX West – Writing for

This PAX West was my tenth time working at this amazing convention in some capacity. However, it was my first time attending a convention officially as a writer. That fact alone was exciting to me, since my lifelong dream is to be a writer full-time and gaming is one of my top passions, especially tabletop games. Because I wanted to bring our audience the best content from the show, I played games every opportunity that I had over the five days that I attended. I played A LOT of games. This was an incredible experience and I am looking forward to the opportunity to do this more in 2019.

Teaching Xander Games

For my son’s 2nd birthday, we got him his first very own board games. This was exciting for us as lifestyle gamers who want to share this passion of ours with our child. We started him off with three HABA games, which I view as the best games to introduce to toddlers. We got him Animal Upon Animal, Teddy’s Shapes and Colors, and what ended up being his absolute favorite to play, First Orchard. I was so proud when he knew how to sort the different colored fruit together right away. He also often asks to play these games with us, which makes us hopeful that he will always want to play games.

Guilds of Ravnica Midnight Prerelease

Return to Ravnica is one of my favorite Magic blocks of all time, second after Innistrad. I feel so connected to the plane of Ravnica that I actually have a Simic tattoo on my shoulder. I was thrilled to return to Ravnica again and went out to the midnight prerelease all on my own. It was the first time I’d went to a tournament without friends or my spouse in a long time and I had a great experience. Everyone was super nice and welcoming. I had an amazing Selesnya pool, but unfortunately my mana didn’t want to cooperate for most of the night and I was a little rusty, so my record was terrible. Even so, that night was full of nostalgia and I was delighted to be back to the awesome plane of Ravnica.

I’m thrilled to see what gaming moments are on the horizon for me in 2019. I plan to attend more conventions as a writer for, including Emerald City Comicon. I hope to get to go to all of the Magic prereleases and play more Winston drafts with my husband. Lastly, I am excited to try out the following upcoming games: Darwin’s Choice, Clockwork Island, and Alubari: A Nice Cup of Tea.

I look forward to hearing your 2018 gaming moments on Twitter!