Warhammer Wednesday – Making Urban Scatter

Warhammer Wednesday – Making Urban Scatter

January 16, 2019 Off By Jess

Urban Conquest is here to make Warhammer 40,000 campaigns bigger and better (with more paperwork and tokens yay!). It also returns to that old 40k favourite of City Fight with a selection of scatter terrain in the box. Scatter terrain is great; it quickly breaks up the monotony of a flat table and provides plenty of cover. Let me guide you through making some basic scatter terrain for your table.


A good start but more terrain means more fun!


You will need…

  • Bag of Tongue Depressors/Wax spreaders.
  • Corrugated Cardboard.
  • Old Sprue (the support plastic your miniatures come attached to)
  • Assorted Gubbinz (spare bits of model/crafty bits)


Base Assembly

Step 1…

Our first step is to make a strong base for the build. Chop the ends of one spreader at an angle then glue the long edge onto the flat side of another spreader to create a long ‘T’ section. This provides a solid base for our build.


Step 1: A solid base


Step 2…

Cut two strips of corrugated cardboard roughly 20mm high and as long as the centre support of the base. The key point here is ‘roughly’ as you can shorten once glued if desired.


Step 2: Glue on a strip of Cardboard


Step 3…

Add ‘support’ struts with short lengths of sprue glued at intervals along the cardboard. This forms the basis of our terrain pieces.


Step 3: Vertical bits of sprue look like structural supports.



Now we have our base item it’s time to add detail. I have said before my golden rule is ‘texture, texture, texture’ and that applies from the largest set piece to the smallest scatter item. A little effort to add in texture and break up the uniformity of our base structure will do wonders.

Battle damage

I went back over the top edge of the corrugated cardboard and made a series of notches and tears using my craft knife. The irregularity evokes a sense of battle damage and destruction. Perfect for the war torn streets of Vigilus.


Battle damage cut down into card.



A constant in any urban battlezone; rubble is easy to make and great for drybrushing. I also have the Paw Patrol theme on a loop in my head now so I’ll take a break for another cuppa.

Where were we? Rightio, grab some bits of sprue and your clippers. Snip a whole pile of sprue sections roughly 5mm in length. Now simply add huge dollops of PVA to sections of your base and liberally sprinkle your cut sections. Adjust to taste.


Rubble made from clipped up sprue.



If you have a bulging bitz box it’s time to put it to use. Even if you don’t ordinary house hold objects can do the trick; cocktail sticks, bottle caps, jewelry chains and egg boxes all provide texture and shapes you can chop up and glue onto your terrain piece. To accentuate the battle damage look you can attack your bitz with the clippers before gluing to break up any clean lines.


Scrap AND colour. A match made on my work bench.



When it comes to painting make sure to add rust, slime, graffiti and other spot colour to break up the monotony of metallic sheeting.



Now you have the basics throw in some variety. Taller sections, doors, signs, sandbags anything goes. Consider the story you want to tell and use that to guide your decision making.


Urban sprawl of the underhive.