Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease Recap

Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease Recap

January 22, 2019 Off By Tifa

This last weekend was the prerelease for the latest Magic set, Ravnica Allegiance! Being a hardcore Simic fan, I showed up for the midnight event at a local game store excited and ready to play my favorite guild. I arrived early, clad in my Simic shirt and wearing themed makeup. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and I even made some friends.

I opened up my packs excitedly, starting with the seeded guild pack. I was ecstatic that my prerelease promo had the Adapt ability, but was bummed out when I realized that Growth-Chamber Guardian would have been way better if I’d opened more than one. However, the rest of my pool did not disappoint. It was immediately obvious that I would be able to play in my colors, having opened Prime Speaker Vannifar, Breeding Pool, Frilled Mystic, Sharktocrab, and 2 Aeromunculus. I was a little sad that I didn’t open a Biogenic Upgrade or any Titanic Brawl.

I also considered my options to splash red or white due to having Open the Gates, Gateway Plaza, a Gruul Guildgate, and an Azorius Guildgate. I was tempted by Hero of Precinct One, Azorius Knight-Arbiter, and Frenzied Arynx, but decided to stay light on my third color, only adding Thrash/Threat and Rhythm of the Wild.

This is what I ended up playing:

I was very happy with my curve and had very few bad draws or mana issues for the majority of the night. Rhythm of the Wild and my 2 Swirling Torrents ended up being the MVPs of my deck, both of which aiding in many of my game wins. Frilled Mystic is also a favorite of mine.

My first opponent and I had played some Commander beforehand and even watched each other build our decks, not knowing we would soon be battling. We had a good laugh and I was glad to already feel comfortable with the person I’d be trying out my deck against. He was a worthy opponent and our games were very close. I even faced Kaya and was able to win with her on the battlefield.

Some of the challenges that I faced included having a surprisingly hard time dealing with Gruul Spellbreaker, Pestilent Spirit, Humungulous (Fblthp has really grown up!), and many of the red and black instants in the set being very powerful. I also got to play against Mirror March, which was entertaining.

As for the set, I am thrilled to play it more! I definitely plan on hosting some drafts and I might even make the effort to go to more in-store events than usual because of how much I love the set.

I enjoy all of the new mechanics, with Addendum being my least favorite. Addendum just isn’t as enticing as the rest, but that makes sense since it’s for Azorius. I think Riot is by far the most powerful new mechanic and blends well with any deck archetype. Gruul was my toughest opponent and I am the most interested in trying out Orzhov.

I went into the final round completely undefeated. All of my games were enjoyable and all of my opponents respectful. I ended up losing in the third game of the final round to a Gruul deck and placed second in the tournament. I feel pretty good about that result and I hope I made The Combine proud.

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