Fight The Mad Titan in Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War

Fight The Mad Titan in Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War

January 28, 2019 Off By Ruel

I didn’t know what to expect from USAopoly’s Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War. Was it going to be another underdeveloped game based on a popular movie franchise? Or a re-theme of another game as a quick cash-grab from Marvel fans?

Thankfully, neither turned out to be true. Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War is a fun cooperative dice-chucking game that lets you play as your favorite Marvel characters. It’s easy to learn for new gamers and has enough tension and tactical decisions for seasoned gamers to enjoy.

Players must defeat a set number of villains (based on difficulty level) to win the game. They lose if Thanos gets all six Infinity stones. Each player selects a team leader such as Captain America or Black Panther. Their starting character sheet lists their dice, which have icons on them that will help defeat villains and/or recruit other heroes to their team.

The active player places their team’s token on one of three sectors surrounding the awesome-looking Thanos centerpiece, then Thanos’ dice are rolled. Depending on what’s rolled, Thanos may be rotated, dealing damage to those in that sector and he may also gather a piece toward one of the Infinity stones.

Next, the player rolls their dice. The icons on the dice are used to defeat villains and/or recruit heroes to their team. Players may recruit any hero to their team, but if that hero matches their team (e.g., Hawkeye being recruited to the Avengers), then they’ll receive additional abilities.

The game ends when players defeat the predetermined number of villains. However, if Thanos collects all six Infinity stones, the players lose 10 heroes, or if all heroes on one player’s team are defeated, then the players lose the game.

Marvel fans will love Thanos Rising and the straightforward play makes it easy for fans to get right into the action. Since dice are rolled and cards are drawn, luck will play a part of whether you win or lose; this isn’t a purely strategic game that’s meant to burn your brain. If you draw a lot of villains early on, you probably won’t survive the onslaught, and if you recruit a lot of heroes right away you should be able to score a victory.

Thanos Rising is all about the experience of playing as superheroes trying to take down the bad guys and USAopoly has delivered the goods in this dripping-in-Marvel-Universe-theme game. It’s a lighter game of set collection and it’s a blast getting your favorite superheroes together to take down Thanos. The artwork is outstanding and so are the components; both will draw in non-gamers and still satisfy hobby gamers who enjoy the Marvel Universe.

I loved the tension throughout Thanos Rising; every turn Thanos moves closer to collecting all of the Infinity stones and defeating the heroes (note: for those who still haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War, there are no spoilers in the game). A bad roll of the dice was always met with groans while there were plenty of cheers whenever the right combination showed up to finish off a villain.

Best of all, Thanos Rising plays well with younger gamers. I was able to log in a few sessions with my niece, who was intrigued by the game’s cover. In our first game we lost fairly quickly and she demanded an immediate rematch, but not before finding a 10-hour Avengers theme mix on YouTube. Our next game went much better and we were able to defeat Thanos while that epic soundtrack blared in the background. Nothing says quality family time like saving the universe together. Excelsior!