Board Games on Nintendo Switch

Board Games on Nintendo Switch

February 5, 2019 Off By Tifa

Even with technology becoming more ingrained into every aspect of our lives, I believe tabletop board games will only increase in importance and popularity. The face to face interactions that we benefit from in the gaming community are irreplaceable. In this digital age, I feel strongly that we need more time disconnected from the internet and engaging in real life experiences.

That being said, I am thrilled to see board games breaking into the digital space. This will only open up the possibility for a wider audience to stumble upon the beauty of board games and will help to introduce these games that we love in a more accessible way. What better way to hone your skills than in the comfort of your own home on your own time?

Board games have been brought to consoles and PCs in the past, but the Nintendo Switch is in an interesting position in the current market. The appeal of a portable game system mixed with great games has caught not only the attention of the video game community (in ways that I personally haven’t ever seen) but families and casual gamers as well. The fact that the Switch can be brought to parties and connected to a big screen for games like Super Mario PartySuper Smash Bros. Ultimate, and sports games (like Mario Tennis Aces) is a huge bonus appealing to folks outside of the normal audience for handheld games. It’s becoming the all-encompassing system in many ways for a subset of gamers, including experienced folks and those new to the hobby.

Asmodee has a whole slew of games coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Carcassonne is already available, a game I actually recommended as a gateway into territory building games. Being very smart with their choices, Asmodee will be bringing some of their most beloved titles to the Nintendo Switch, all of which are well targeted to beginner gamers.

The upcoming game lineup includes:

In addition to these being awesome games, Asmodee also announced that each one will have local multiplayer features, meaning that this can be used to play games in real life. It will have a different feel than the physical games but still helps to broaden who can and will want to play. This is especially great when you consider the new accessibility controller and how this will help gamers with disabilities have more access to board games.

Since these are well-known games in the board game community, I expect there to be a slew of support that will help drive the excitement in the Switch audience, expanding the love of board games even further into new hands.

It’s worth noting that Asmodee hasn’t been the only company making this effort to gain a wider audience. Hasbro also has their Family Game Night available on the Switch, including Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Risk.

I hope we see an increase in attendees at board game nights in local game stores due to this crossover, including more children, more gender diversity, and more people of color. I am all for expanding the audience of the tabletop world, and I think this is a great way to do it.