Warhammer Wednesday – Carry On Age of Sigmar

Warhammer Wednesday – Carry On Age of Sigmar

February 6, 2019 Off By Jess

‘There’s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna do? 
There’s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna go? 
I’m gonna fix that rat that’s what I’m gonna do, 
I’m gonna fix that rat.’ – UB40


Games Workshop teased the release of the ‘Carrion Empire’ box set a while back. A truly beautiful set introducing new characters for two popular factions. Plus two very different forces to play with.


Carry on my wayward son...

So many awesome toys.




The Skaven part of Carrion Empire provides all the coolest toys with a warp lighting cannon, doom wheel and rat ogres. Classic Skaven armies used the image of a chittering horde; ranks of skaven slaves advancing to their doom. Here we see a change in approach. Every single one Skaven unit in this box will be a joy to paint and play with. A horde is still an option but as a choice rather than hurdle.



Captain Bomba!


The Warlock Bombardier leads this motley band of disgusting creations. Positioned like an 80’s hair metal front man and accompanied by little rats this is a superb model. Even the rules for this one are great with explosions and warp lighting hurtling across the board. This is the steampunk/magical/verminous/chaotic/deadly nightmare we all want.


Arcane backup



Gnawholes, Gnawsome!


There are some endless spells coming for Skaven but I’ll throw an image of those at the end. We really need to talk about the Skaven terrain piece: Gnawholes. I assume this will be a tunnel network for popping up all sorts of nasty surprises everywhere. Just look at them though! Swirling Warp Portals surrounded by dodgy scaffolding, chains, braziers and rocks. They are beautiful as they are and leave so many modelling opportunities. Add devices and captives and banners and extra scaffolding and bells and suspend things above them and omigosh…


Court is in session


Hit the half pipe

Wait, this isn’t my skateboard…


Looking like he is just getting some sweet air off a half pipe is the Abhorrent Archregent. A twisted and delusional lord of vampiric nature ready to lead corrupted hordes. Although not as personally exciting as the Bombardier this is still a stunning model. The dynamic pose and finely detailed wings are a really testament to the skill of the sculptor. The way it hangs off the skatebo… masonry evoking gothic horror and predatory malice. There is a lot of painting and modelling potential here.


Watch a spell


And a huge chalice...

Ghost riders!


Unlike the Skaven the Flesh-Eater courts most interesting addition is the endless spells. I’ll put an image of their terrain piece later. Just look at these amazing models! A floating chalice of skulls is everything we never knew we needed in our games. It offers so much potential for terrain building and death conversions… not to mention Blood Angels or a Khornate force. Then there are the stampeding horses who embody that flair of knightly tradition the courts pride themselves on. Basing potential abounds where they could be kicking up sea-spray or trailing fire, perhaps crushing vegetation beneath their hooves. These are spells that can really tie an army together.


One more thing…


Skaven endless spells and a Carrion Throne, they don’t spark joy but gosh they are cool.