Romantic Game Ideas

Romantic Game Ideas

February 14, 2019 Off By Tifa

Valentine’s Day might not be everybody’s favorite holiday, but if you and your partner enjoy games, this day can be a good excuse to have a romantic date night of playing games together. Or you can use these ideas for an anniversary or birthday surprise.

I’m going to suggest some games that explore relationships and the concept of love. Beyond that, I’m recommending some ways to make the setting more romantic.

  • Set up a two player game (or a Magic Winston draft, if that’s what you’re into) with candlelight, flowers and your partner’s favorite beverage, be that champagne or fancy root beer.
  • Bring a game out to dinner so that the two of you can play while waiting for your food. Be extra sure your date would be into this one before trying it out.
  • If weather permits, plan a surprise picnic in the park and bring a card game to play.
  • Buy a game as a gift!

Here are some games to help the mood feel all lovey-dovey. These are also just great games, so don’t think you can’t enjoy them with platonic friends or family members.

Fog of Love

Fog of Love is essentially the romantic comedy version of a cooperative game for two. Each of you will create a character and they will meet with the goal of falling in love. Just like in real relationships, you will encounter awkward moments and you must make compromises and overcome obstacles together in order to succeed. The game does take one to two hours, so keep that in mind for your evening’s plans. One aspect that I really enjoy is that the game comes with a variety of variant covers and expansions, including covers that celebrate the LGBTQ community.


For a more portable, fast-paced game about love check out Heartcatchers. This would be a great one to bring out to dinner or a picnic. As a very casual, bluffing game, this is a fantastic choice if not both people in the relationship are serious gamers. Taking elements of rock-paper-scissors, players compete to catch the most hearts. Hearts, in this case, are stacks of cards. You can also collect hidden Secrets to affect the scoring at the end of the game.

Slash: Romance without boundaries

If you are looking for a game about relationships for more than two players, Slash is a fun option. This is a lighthearted party game in which players create hilarious, yet romantic stories. Players are competing to create the best fan fiction. Using a hand of cards, you must match up two characters and provide details as to why they would make a great couple. One player acts as the matchmaker each round, who will determine which pairing is the best. The matchmaker can request additional storytelling elements about your characters, such as how they met, what they did on their first date, or what moment made them fall in love.

For more two player game ideas, check out this article.

I hope these games lead to some deep conversations, laughs, and good memories.