Author: TK

TK is a speculative fiction writer and part-time eldritch horror. They can be found as a cast member of The Demonplague, Unearthly Twilights, The Land Between Two Rivers, and Hell’s Belles on the Don’t Split the Podcast, WebDM, and Dungeons & Dragons networks, respectively. Their gothic and cosmic horror stories can be found at and very soon in print in a collaborative set of short stories and comics with artist Kayla Cline. TK themself can be found on Twitter @tkjoinsthefray.
November 30, 2018 Off

The Road Less Traveled


Welcome back, adventurer! Last week we discussed encouraging your Wallflowers to come away from the sidelines and engage in more…

November 23, 2018 Off

The Careful Tending of Wallflowers


Welcome back, adventurer! Last week we discussed a few underappreciated items, like single-use cyphers, trinkets, and potions. This week, we’re…

November 17, 2018 Off

Cyphers, Trinkets, and Potions—Oh My!


Welcome back, adventurer! Last week we discussed entrements/subtleties, context in cultural foods, and infusing spirituality into festivals. This week is all…